Six Flowers to Incorporate into Your Wedding


    Your wedding is one of the biggest milestones that you will experience in your lifetime. This is an important event that symbolizes a deep connection between two people who vow to love one another through all of the rifts and trips that the journey of life will bring. On this day, brides and grooms work together to create the best theme that matches their tastes and personalities. From the perfect venue to the color scheme chosen, future newlyweds want to be sure that everything is perfect for this special day. One such vital decision to make on your wedding day is the type of floral arrangements that will be on display for your celebration. Will you be picking real flowers or faux? Whichever one you decide to go with, here are some of the most amazing and beautiful flowers you may choose to display.


    Most species of this type of flower are native to Asia, but they are known to grow throughout North America and certain parts of Europe as well. Additionally, certain species of roses are used in food items such as marmalade, bread, pie, and wine. Besides these fun facts about roses, many brides choose to include this particular flower as a centerpiece. Recreate that magical scene from Beauty and the Beast at your wedding with candle-shaped jars filled with water and a single red rose inserted deep into the middle of it. Complete the look with mini candles floating atop the rose. Additionally, you can sprinkle these flowers across the floor creating a romantic look to complement your ceremony.


    These gorgeous flowers look great on the bridal bouquet. Hydrangeas come in a variety of colors with white being the most common. Depending on the acidic level of the soil, these flowers can turn pink, blue, light purple, or red. Hydrangeas are a popular type of flower incorporated into many wedding ceremonies. Some other ideas brides may think of are placing a bouquet of these flowers against each aisle of seating which creates an elegant effect that will complement the bride as she glides down the aisle.


    Highly coveted during the Ottoman Empire, tulips have been taking breaths away since the earlier centuries, and they continue to do so to this day. These are excellent to use for arrangements and centerpieces.


    Referred to as Polish roses, peonies are mostly available between late spring and early summer. These flowers are a good pick for decorating a wooden wedding arch. Cover the arch with a chiffon light curtain and place the peonies strategically on the top and sides of the archway to create a dazzling backdrop for the bride and groom.


    Carnations are a great addition to any wedding ceremony. In Latin, the word carnation comes from corona-ae, which makes it the perfect option for brides wishing to create their own floral crown adorned with these flowers. This flower type also is a common choice for the groom to wear as his boutonniere or buttonhole flower. With the bride looking beautiful in her colorfully placed crown and her soon-to-be husband looking just as ravishing with a matching flower in his pocket, carnations offer the best look when it comes to a royal match.


    Camellia is a type of flower which originates in Asia. From its leaves comes a favorite beverage that is enjoyed around the world, tea. Besides being great for producing tea, camellia’s are yet another favorite choice of brides when it comes to adding floral décor to their day. Like the hydrangea, camellias can be used either by itself in a bridal bouquet or you can mix and match this flower with other various flower types that complement it, such as carnations. To spruce up the bride and groom table, you can tie a small bouquet of camellia behind the bride and groom’s chair.

    Flowers are such an important part of weddings, and nowadays it is not necessary to have to purchase all of your flowers. Many brides opt to buy the majority of their flowers and create some DIY flowers. Wedding craft flowers are easy to make and the best thing about it is they look just like the real thing. On this special day, you want everything to go perfectly and everything to look elegant, and by picking out the correct floral arrangements to compliment you and your theme, you can have a storybook wedding straight out of a Hallmark love story.


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