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Effective Ways to Help Rent your Home Out Faster


Whether you’ve bought a property specifically to rent out, or you want to move from your existing home and have it available for lease, the last thing you’ll want is to be waiting around forever for new tenants.

The rental markets are competitive and while there might be a lot of people wanting to rent, they’re more likely to opt for the better property choices; so, what can you do to make your listing more desirable and get your home leased quicker?

Here are a number of approaches you may wish to take:

Make it Attractive

Firstly, you may need to put a little hard work into getting your property ready for new tenants, by essentially creating a blank canvas or sorts for them to put their stamp on. This might involve the following tasks:

  • Emptying the property
  • Cleaning the property (getting rid of mould, dust, damp)
  • Refreshing the décor (painting in neutral tones, or replacing carpets and curtains)
  • Checking all fixtures and fittings are in working order
  • Modernising any whitegoods
  • Tidying any outside, or garden areas

These touches can make a property far more appealing to a prospective tenant – and the added bonus is you will then set the bar for how you wish for your property to be maintained throughout their tenancy.

Make it Safer

There are certain legal obligations and requirements you need to meet before you offer a house or flat for rent, but you can go that extra mile and make a point that your property is super safe and secure. Adding little extras like having your electrical items all PAT tested or installing additional security features like alarms and multifunction locks can help in putting your property above the rest.

Make it Easy to Rent

If you were to put yourself into the position of someone looking for their next rental home, then you’d also want to be able to discover and learn about a property without any issues.

One way to do this is to look to online letting agents, rather purely than heading to the highstreets, or relying on an advertisement in a newspaper. There are online providers who can create full, highly-detailed digital listings for your property and even manage everything from viewings to signatures online. Another positive here is that you could also save yourself a great deal of time and effort having to go back and forth doing this yourself.

What’s more, if you’re targeting younger demographics they’ll be much more receptive to online methods.

Make it More Flexible

This final point depends on your own preferences, but by allowing pets or being more flexible with smokers, you can open you up to a wider audience of tenants. In other words, you can increase the chances of a successful lease.

While not all the above may apply to you, it’s likely there’ll be some useful advice to takeaway. So, if you are looking for tenants, use the above approaches and help to get your property rented out in next to no time.


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