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3 Great Job Roles For Math Lovers


They say that if you love your work, you never have to work a day in your life. That’s why many people try to incorporate their interests and passions into their career choices.

Although it may have been the bane of school for many people, maths is a passion for many people around the UK. Be it due to the puzzle-solving aspect of maths or how there’s always a specific solution to find, those who excel at the subject usually look for roles that incorporate it.

If you’re looking for math-based roles to apply for, here are just a few suggestions:


Accountants deal with mathematical equations all day, as they’re tasked to manage people’s finances and balance the book. Having a good grasp of statistics will help those in this profession, as you will use a lot of percentages and other unique formulas to work out things like tax and other expenses.

You’ll be managing a high sum of money for big companies and clients, meaning the role can actually be very thrilling for those that enjoy working with numbers.

To get into accounting, you’ll likely need a relevant degree, but if you have that, you can get started in the industry by finding businesses looking for assistant accountants.


Whether it’s making important business decisions or needing to see how a company is performing, business leaders will need to see statistics so that they can accurately see what’s happening.

Compiling these statistics is the role of a statistician. This role involves figuring out the best methods for getting the stats that you need and also requires critical thinking so that you can come to the right conclusions based on your results.

This role is for mathematicians who want to see the bigger picture and dive deeper into data and information to find something valuable. Statisticians will be working closely with research institutes, insurance firms, medical companies, and even sports organisations. This means that you can enter many exciting industries as a statistician.

Financial Planner

If you’re good with maths, and are also frugal and manage your money well, then you could use these skills to become a financial planner.

In this role, you’ll be helping people manage their investments better to maximise their returns. Things you’ll be doing include helping people to set up a university fund or structure their pension plans so that they can enjoy their retirement.

The role can be very satisfying as you’ll be able to help people and better their financial situation while getting generously compensated yourself.


If you love maths, there are ways to incorporate it into your average day by finding a job that uses the subject. These suggestions are all viable options for careers that focus heavily on the subject.

Maths is a formidable skill, so if you enjoy it and are good at it, there will always be a demand for people like you in the workplace. These careers also typically pay rather well, making these math-focused careers even more beneficial to you.


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