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Things to do Immediately After Buying a New Car


Congratulations on buying your new car! 

Now, what are the actions you need to take?


Buying a new car is such a significant milestone to achieve!

There is something about buying a new car that makes you feel such a sense of achievement! Whether you have saved for the car to buy outright or you have purchased the new vehicle on finance, it is now your responsibility to set yourself up in your new vehicle!

Regardless of what car you have chosen, being safe and legal are the 2 most important things you must do to ensure that you, your vehicle, and other road users are safe and adequately covered.

This is just in case there is an instance of an accident or a mishap on the road.

So what are you actually required to do to make sure that you are appropriately equipped in your new car?

Let’s have a quick look at a few of the essential post-purchase tasks! 

Road Tax

Road tax is a legal requirement that literally means that you pay tax via your vehicle to drive legally on UK roads.

It can be paid annually or monthly on a direct debit. The cost of your road tax is weighted on your car’s statistics, fuel type, and the efficiency of the size of the vehicle.


Car insurance is another one of those legalities that need to be taken into account with your new car. This must be in place before the vehicle is driven on a public road.

Car insurance is there to protect you and other road users from negative financial implications in cases of accidents or injuries involving your car.

It can be paid annually or monthly, but be prepared to shop around for the best quotes before committing to a policy, and also be ready to pay an extra premium to have the privilege of paying on a monthly basis.


Car safety is paramount, especially in a brand new car, so make sure that you increase your safety and protection by adding digital assets to your safety package, such as dash cams.

These cameras sit on your dashboard and will record your journeys when you drive. This is particularly important to catch footage of anything that may happen on the roads that may require a fault liability claim on an insurance policy for you and other road users. 


It’s super important to ensure you have the most comfortable driving position possible. This is a position where you do not need to over-reach or over-stretch to reach pedals, controls, or look in mirrors.

Adjustment and total comfort may take a while to figure out in a new car, but the more you try new ways out, the more you will likely find the sweet spot.

You need to have your seat in the most comfortable place to enable you to reach the pedals fully for control. Your mirrors need to be in a position where you can view the majority of the vehicle’s exterior.

Fluid Levels

Although you may think a new car will come with everything you need to adequately drive it away from the forecourt, you may actually find that the fluid levels might only be enough to get by unless the car has been test-driven.

Checking and topping up your fluid levels is a great habit to get into, and the most important ones that need attention are:

  • Fuel
  • Oil
  • Water
  • Screenwash
  • Coolant

These are basic fluid levels that need to be checked and maintained regularly to make sure your car works as it should.


There’s nothing like a new car that is personalised to you! Although this is not an essential part of buying or driving your new car, it’s nice to have the option to have something that represents you, so here are a few ideas you can use to customise your new vehicle!

  • Matching car seat covers in your favourite colours
  • Decals and car art
  • Personalised number plates
  • Customised keys
  • Radio station pre-sets and personal media
  • Phone holders and digital assistance devices
  • Hands-free kits

Personalising your car can make it that extra bit interesting for you, and ensure you have everything you need at your fingertips.

As long as the personalisation does not affect awareness and safety, then you are good to go!


Buying a new car is something that counts as a massive milestone in your life, so we need to make sure we do the right things once that car has been purchased to make sure that the vehicle stays in good condition both inside and out, and the vehicle is as safe from harm as it can be.

There are, of course, legal requirements you need to adhere to to make sure that you are a fully legal driver, and these should be put in place as soon as the sale of the vehicle is completed.

When looking at safety, above and beyond the factory standard safety installations in your car, we find that one of the best investments is a dashcam. It could capture vital footage that could assist in an insurance claim.

Checking your levels is so important! This should happen regularly to make sure your car stays running as it should, and there are no roadside disasters! 

Making sure the vehicle is all set and comfortable for you will also reduce the incidents of any potential accidents or injuries.

Finally, customising your vehicle is obviously not an essential thing to do after purchasing your new car. Still, it can make driving it a more personal experience! Just remember, and personalisation has to be within the lines of the law and not obscure or breach any safety requirements.


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