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Enhancing Safety and Longevity: The Versatility of GRP Handrails in Challenging Environments


When it comes to ensuring safety and durability in various industries facing extreme weather conditions, Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) handrails have proven to be an excellent choice.

In this blog post, we delve into the qualities that make GRP handrails stand out, exploring their applications in marine environments, industrial facilities, public infrastructure, and railways. Additionally, there are a number of other industries and applications that highly benefit from the safety and longevity of GRP handrails in challenging environments.

GRP Handrails in Specific Industries:

Marine Environments:

GRP handrails play a crucial role in marine environments, where exposure to UV radiation and saltwater corrosion is prominent. The corrosion-resistant nature of GRP ensures the longevity and structural integrity of handrails, making them a reliable choice for the demanding conditions of maritime settings. Moreover, they require minimal maintenance so it’s highly unlikely they will require replacements or repairs which cancels out any additional costs.

Industrial Facilities

Chemical corrosion is a common challenge in industrial facilities. GRP handrails offer resistance to a wide range of chemicals, making them ideal for installations in chemical plants, refineries, and other industrial settings. Their durability and corrosion resistance contribute to the safety and reliability required in such environments.

Public Infrastructure

GRP handrails find application in outdoor public spaces, bridges, and walkways, providing a secure means of support in all weather conditions. Their resilience to extreme temperatures and heavy rainfall ensures that they maintain structural integrity and appearance over an extended period, contributing to the safety of public infrastructure.


Railway structures often face challenges from sunlight exposure. GRP handrails are equipped with built-in UV resistance, safeguarding them against degradation over time. Additionally, the low thermal conductivity of GRP ensures that handrails remain at a moderate temperature, addressing concerns about discomfort in extreme weather conditions.

Additional Benefits of GRP Handrails

In addition to their resilience against extreme weather, GRP handrails offer several other benefits that contribute to their popularity:

Design Flexibility:

GRP handrails can be crafted in various designs and colours, allowing for customization that matches the overall aesthetic of buildings or aligns with branding requirements. This versatility enhances the visual appeal of structures.

Low Maintenance Requirements:

GRP handrails require minimal maintenance, ensuring operational continuity without significant interruptions. Engineered Composites recommends periodic monitoring, but the longevity of GRP handrails adds value to the initial investment.

Competitive Pricing:

GRP handrails are competitively priced, making them a cost-effective choice for safety solutions. The combination of durability, low maintenance, and affordability positions GRP handrails as a practical and economical investment.

Customisation Options:

Available in a range of designs and colours, GRP handrails can be customised to match the overall aesthetic of buildings or align with branding requirements. Popular colours for GRP handrails are usually yellow (modular) or standard.


GRP handrails emerge as a reliable and versatile solution in the realm of infrastructure safety, particularly in industries facing extreme weather conditions. Their resistance to corrosion, UV radiation, and chemicals, coupled with design flexibility, low maintenance requirements, and competitive pricing, make them an optimal choice for various applications.

Compared to traditional materials, where heavy maintenance is required and increased possibility of deterioration in extreme weather conditions, GRP stands out as the go-to product in today’s market. For more information to purchase GRP handrails or alternative products, visit Engineered Composites.


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