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Everything You Need to Know Regarding Temporary Event Structures


Especially since the outbreak of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic in early 2020, temporary indoor and indeed outdoor spaces for events and gatherings have exponentially increased in popularity, both across the length and breadth of this country and beyond.

If you are charged with organizing and/or installing a temporary event space for a particular event, gathering, or even conference, then continue reading to learn everything you need to know regarding temporary event structures.

What Exactly is a Temporary Structure?

Essentially, a temporary structure can be anything from a large, heavy, steel-based floor of a warehouse in the middle of a trading estate to a small marquee at the edge of a wedding reception venue.

Temporary structures are basically categorized by how quickly they can be constructed and then subsequently dismantled, as well as the ease at which the structure can be erected. Such structures can be used just for a couple of hours or erected for more than a year.

Types of Temporary Structures

There are several different types of temporary structures, all with different characteristics and their own specific ways of being erected and subsequently dismantled, and therefore, when using temporary flooring or indeed using temporary car park flooring for your event, it is important to invest in the right type.

The main types of temporary structures include the following:

Disaster Relief Temporary Structures

These structures are perfect for providing storage at a time when it is needed most, and here in the United Kingdom, where some areas of the country are prone to flooding, such structures are often used.

Loading Bays

As businesses that are thriving after the pandemic need more loading space and capacity due to company expansion, temporary loading bay structures are utilized more and more and can be adjusted depending on the height of the lorry.

Sports Facilities

From security checking temporary stands to ticket offices, sporting events often have one or more temporary structures both inside the sporting venue itself and outside.


As previously mentioned, temporary marquees are often utilized to add extra outdoor space at weddings up and down the country and have the added benefit of keeping the wedding guests dry from the rain.

Corporate Events

Another exceedingly common use for temporary structures is that of for various corporate event, whether that be a summer staff party in the office party or a grander awards event at another location.

Setting Up Your Temporary Structure

Once you have decided on the right style and type of temporary structure for your event, you should also know some key facts and techniques when setting up and installing said structure:

  • Create a layout and site plan before you start
  • Check building codes and zoning
  • Think carefully about the materials of the frame
  • Check for necessary facilities and utilities within the structure itself
  • Ascertain what options you have regarding lighting
  • Accessibility is an important consideration, so ensure everyone can access the structure
  • Ensure you know the specifications and size of the structure and check that it sits comfortably within your proposed site.


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