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How Much Does It Cost To Build An Electric Garage Door?


Gone are the days when you had to heave up your garage door every time you wanted to run an errand with your car. Electric garage doors are a boon to the mankind where you can open your garage door with just a flick on the remote or by pushing an external button. Technology has progressed in leaps and bounds. You might be interested in getting an electric garage door but you are not sure about the type and the standard price which will be best suited for your needs. This article will give you a comprehensive overview of electric garage doors in Essex and the average price of constructing one such door type.

Factors Which Affect the Cost of Electric Garage Doors

Given the technological advancements, electric garage doors come in many types, materials, forms, and mechanisms. There is no single standard price for an electric garage door. Here are the factors which impact the pricing scheme of electric garage doors.

  • Size of the door required
  • Size of the garage (which will decide the type of door to be used)
  • The material of the electric garage door
  • Type and Alignment of the garage door

Types of Electric Garage Doors and its Cost

1. Aluminium Roller Electric Garage Doors

The aluminium sheets used to construct the garage doors are insulated and soundproof. These doors have horizontal corrugated strips on the aluminium frame which makes it easier to roll it up and down. It is very light in weight and has a draught resistant mechanism.

The price of getting an aluminium roller electric garage door ranges from £1500 to £2500 depending on the size.

2. Galvanised Steel Roller Shutter Electric Garage Doors

Galvanised steel is one of the best materials as it is long-lasting and does not rust easily. It is easy to use and is best suited for garages which have constricted opening space. Steel roller shutters do not take up much area and the electric mechanism works with minimal noise.

The price of galvanised steel roller electric doors can range from £1300 to £2200.

3. Up And Over Canopy and Retractable Electric Garage Doors

Up and Over garage doors are very popular in the residential spaces. This door type can be done in canopy style or retractable style. Retractable style garage doors are easier to manage with the electric mechanism. Canopy style requires additional mechanisms like converters and bows.

The price range for Up and Over electric doors lies between £850 and £2600. If we have to compare the price range between canopy style and retractable style, the latter costs a bit more for similar door size. For a standard door size of 2261*2134, a canopy style would cost approximately £900 to £950. For a standard door size of 2134*2134, a retractable electric door would cost around £1200 to £1250.

4. Side Hinged Electric Garage Doors

These have double doors which open on the outer space of the garage. It is very convenient for people who utilize the garage for something other than keeping their cars. People opt for manual setting as well as the electric mechanism while opting for side hinged doors. The price range for electric side hinged garage doors lies between £1400 and £2200. The other types of garage door include Sectional Overhead, Overlap Trackless and Round the Corner doors. Overlap trackless doors will cost between £5000 and £7200 whereas Round the Corner door type is generally priced between £2000 and £3700.


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