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7 Ways to Care For Fall Linen and Apparel


When the weather turns cold, it’s great to wrap up in more layers to stay warm; but, more clothing means more laundry. Knowing how to wash your fall apparel properly can help you keep your sweaters looking beautiful, cut down on the time you spend on laundry, and save money. Starting to wash your clothes in cold water is one of the simplest things you can make. 

Coldwater washing saves energy and can help you save money on your electric bill while also reducing your carbon footprint. With useful laundry tips for washing down jackets, delicate sweaters, snow boots, and all your family’s cold-weather clothing, we’ve got you covered:

Ways to Wash Fall Linen and Apparel

For further washing recommendations, follow these simple washing cleaning tips:

#1 – Apply Vinegar

According to the linen laundry service, Vinegar is a one-stop solution. White Vinegar is a healthy odour remover and natural cleaner for maintaining colour brightness in your laundry and avoiding fuzzy balled-up fibres. While your laundry is drying, add 120ml of white vinegar to help remove the extra detergent and soften your clothes. Before hanging them to dry, give them a good shake. If the stiffness remains, try putting a moist towel in the dryer for five minutes.

#2 – Wash the flannel in warm water

Most commercial laundry services use this tip for caring for fall linen. Warm water keeps your fabrics soft and prevents colour fading, shrinkage, and shrinking, so you can maintain the lumberjack style all season long.

#3 – Wash knits in cold water 

While hand washing your knits gives the greatest results, washing them in cold water reduces not only time but also saves your favourite sweater because washing wool in warm or hot water can damage it to fray, set your load’s cycle to gentle/permanent pressing and avoid the spin cycle to prevent knots.

#4 – Don’t use fabric softener for flannel sheets

Fabric softeners can stiff-ness fabric fibres and reduce flannel softness with time. As an option, put a couple of clean tennis balls in with your flannel sheets in the dryer to help keep your mattress smooth and comfortable.

#5 – Deodorise stinky snowfall boots

Soak those stinky boot insoles in a bucket with cold water, 120ml white vinegar, and a capful of washing powder, then hang to dry. After cleaning the exterior of the boots with a wet soapy rag, sprinkle in some odour-neutralizing baking soda before tucking the inserts back inside.

#6 – In a mesh bag, store hats, scarves, and gloves

To keep these items fresh, wash them once a month. A mesh bag avoids scarves from tying your other laundry in knots and preserves gloves in pairs.

#7 – Don’t iron when dry 

Hello Laundry suggests that when woolens are dry, they should not iron because the deep creases will not remove. They can also easily scorch when exposed to direct dry heat. Use a steam press instead. If that isn’t possible, lightly dampen a plain white cotton cloth and use it to buffer the iron and the woolen. When not in use, it’s also a great idea to turn the sweater inside out.

Final Words

If you don’t know the proper way, go with a professional commercial laundry service like Hello Laundry. The reason behind hiring linen laundry service is they have the deep knowledge to care for and wash. So do not waste your time and call Hello Laundry to benefit from quality linen laundry service.


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