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A guide to composite decking: Composite decking experts reveal answers to most common home renovation questions


Ecodek – a UK market leader in composite decking – discloses the essential info surrounding this popular building material Composite decking has become one of the most sought-after home renovation materials of the modern era – proving particularly popular when homeowners began feverishly kitting out their outdoor spaces during lockdown.  Ecodek – a national market leader in the manufacture and supply of composite decking since 2004 – has continued to receive a high volume of residential and commercial-related inquiries about composite decking in 2021, with questions ranging from structure to stockists to implementation.  In a bid to share expert insight with anyone looking to utilise composite decking in a future renovation, Ecodek has put together a comprehensive guide featuring answers to the most frequently asked questions.  Consulting the responses below, customers can understand the essentials surrounding the use of composite material – including the pros and cons.   What is Ecodek composite decking?

Ecodek composite decking is a wood polymer composite – a blend of recycled wood and recycled plastic. 

The composition of Ecodek decking is approximately 55% hardwood fibres and 45% high-density polyethylene (from recycled plastic milk bottles). 

Other ingredients include a high-quality colour pigmentation system, a wetting/bonding agent and a high-tech ultraviolet light inhibitor package.

How to install Ecodek composite decking?

Installation questions are among the most common when it comes to composite decking, and Ecodek has put together a dedicated installation video to make the set-up simple and safe.

It’s important to pay attention to the gaps, spaces and tolerances mentioned in the video guide, as this will keep the deck in top condition so it remains functional for years to come.

Are Ecodek composite decking boards solid and why are solid boards better?

There are two types of composite decking available on the market: ‘solid’ and ‘hollow’. In the short-term, hollow deck boards are cheaper to buy – but won’t last as long given they comprise fewer materials. Ultimately, using hollow boards may lead to a full deck replacement far sooner than expected. 

For a more cost-effective option, it’s worth investing in solid Ecodek boards – all of which come with a minimum 25 year guarantee for residential installations.

Is Ecodek composite decking slippery?

If you’re going to renovate any outdoor area in Britain – you’ll need to prepare for the inevitability of rain and its subsequent hazards. Flooring products lose some slip resistance when they are exposed to water or moisture – which is something you’ll need to consider with composite decking. 

Ecodek material does however have one of the best ratings for ‘low potential for slip’ requirement set by the Health and Safety Executive, with anti-slip inserts also available to provide extra grip. 

For further information on slip test results and anti-slip options, visit the Ecodek Technical Hub.

Does composite decking fade?

Whilst rain can create issues with outdoor furniture, so can sunshine – particularly when it comes to maintaining appearance. There’s nothing more deflating than putting money and time aside to build a brand new deck, only for it to dull in the sun. 

A small degree of fade over the first few months (known as ‘weathering’) is natural and actually helps to give the deck a more textured appearance – but in some instances the exterior will continue to decline. 

When shopping for composite decking, it’s worth checking the smallprint to determine if the material has attributes that will preserve quality. Ecodek decking, for instance, is made from hardwood fibres – which helps to minimise UV damage. 

It’s also worth bearing in mind the most fade-resistant colours: slate grey, dark brown and black. 

Remember, too, that any initial colour differences between boards is due to the natural colour variance in wood fibres. All boards will adopt the same tone once weathered. 

Colour variation can occur from batch to batch, so it’s worth ordering boards for your project in a single delivery if there is a large area on display.

Where can I buy Ecodek composite decking and how quickly can I get it?

As a UK manufacturer, Ecodek composite decking can deliver products all over the UK within 2-3 weeks. 

Free of charge sample packs are also available – enabling both homeowners and commercial project managers to choose the perfect range and colour for a project. 

Ecodek has various stockists dotted throughout the country and you can contact a member of the sales team to discover the closest to you. 

More information is available via the Ecodek FAQ page.

You can also get in touch with a member of their friendly team who will be happy to help.


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