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Reasons Why You Should Invest in North Cyprus

5 Reasons to Invest in North Cyprus Land

Finding a place loaded with investment opportunities is what always investor work for. They keep exploring new regions where they can invest to start earning handsome profit. Every investor would want to invest in a place where there is less competition, a good environment, and many other positive factors for investment. It would be not wrong to consider North Cyprus land as the land of opportunities.

From the working environment to safety, everything is attracting all investors and businessmen. Many startups and well-established businesses have started investing in Northern Cyprus. Talking about the real estate in North Cyprus, it is one of the most popular attractions for investors. Anyway, we’ll go through all the core reasons why one should invest in North Cyprus.

5 Reasons To Invest In Land of North Cyprus

There are many reasons why one should invest in the northern region of Cyprus but we’ll go through some core ones. Every reason is worth discussing to convince any investor to start doing business in this land of Northern Cyprus.

  • Growing Economy
  • Easy Relocation
  • Safety
  • Real Estate Industry
  • Tourism Industry

1- Growing Economy

No matter it’s a city or any state, the economy always plays a vital role to attract investors and companies to do business in that region. North Cyprus is one of those states that are working on its infrastructure, education, wealth creation, and much more. You would be surprised to know that almost 60 thousand students from dozens of other countries are studying in the international standard universities of North Cyprus. 

Not only education but in every other area, this land is showing positive progress. The use of the lira (Turkish currency) gives confidence to the local market of this state. Another fact to know about Cyprus is that it is ranked 23rd in the world in terms of the Quality-of-life Index which is more than enough to ask for. Many investors are investing in properties in Northern Cyprus because they are aware of the potential of the real estate industry in this region.

2- Easy Relocation

Relocating from one place to another might be very challenging in some countries. However, relocating to North Cyprus state is not that complex which is a good sign of attraction for investors. Also, getting citizenship in North Cyprus is not very difficult, all you have to do is to invest in the property. Just buy a property in North Cyprus, invest some amount in the local bank, own that property for 5 years and then you could apply for the citizenship of Northern Cyprus. Getting into more details of this process will let you know how the government of North Cyprus is facilitating everyone by not putting too many strict laws.

3- Safety

No investor would want to invest in a place that is not safe at all. The advanced security of any place is very important for attracting good investment. No matter how beautiful the place, if it’s not secure then you can’t do business there. Investors always prefer to invest in a region that is safe and has a good reputation all around the World. An amazing fact to know about the land of Northern Cyprus is that it stands among the top 3 regions with a low crime rate in the whole of Europe. Comparing south and north Cyprus, northern Cyprus is way safer for investors and tourists as compared to the southern part of Cyprus.

4- Real Estate Industry

If there is any industry that is growing rapidly in the Northern land of Cyprus, it is the real estate industry. There are dozens of properties to buy and sell in Northern Cyprus and many are already investing in this sector. 5-10% increase in properties’ prices annually shows how much this state is becoming a hub of real estate investment.  Investors and businessmen getting aware of the value of properties of North Cyprus. Like you can invest in hotels, apartments, villas, resorts, and any type of property.

In case you are a citizen of this land, you can offer your North Cyprus apartments for rent to tourists. Due to many beautiful and eye-catching places, many tourists visit North Cyprus every year. Investing in the real estate sector of North Cyrus would give a boost to the local economy and also attract foreign investment as well.

5- Tourism Industry

The tourism industry is somehow linked with the industry of real estate. It’s like you can invest in building resorts, hotels, villas, etc. You can buy or build resorts, hotels, etc near beaches to facilitate tourists. Doing this will bring investment into both the tourism and real estate industry. You can target all tourist spots in the whole of North Cyprus and go for possible investment opportunities. Continuos sunny weather for about 10 months is another reason why North Cyprus attracts lots of investors and businessmen.

Last but not least, Northern Cyprus has a free visa policy for people that belong to eastern European countries. Things like that encourage and boost the whole tourism industry to grow for helping local and foreign investors along with the economy. So, start investing in the tourism sector of real


We’ve gone through some of the main reasons why one should invest in the land of North Cyprus. We have discussed some key factors that make this region ideal for all investors and businessmen. We came to know that the relocation process and getting citizenship in the Northern land of Cyprus is not that much hard like in other states. We’ve realized the growing potential of both the tourism and real estate industry of Northern Cyprus. On a short note, we can say that North Cyprus is the land of investment for both local and foreign investors. 


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