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TOP 5 poker players of 2020


There are people who have made a significant contribution to the development of poker, but have not achieved success as players. And then there are poker players who earn several million dollars a year. It is these poker legends that deserve close attention in terms of learning from experience, studying their style of play and ways to win fabulous sums of money. There are several organizations that keep track of the officially won money at the poker tables financials2017.com. As an average of the most recent information from various similar sources, you can give a list of 10 names, as well as photos of poker players. In this article, we will highlight five of the most outstanding poker players, their awards, and winnings. So, the ranking of the richest poker players according to the All-Time Money List as of early 2020:

Dan Smith

Dan Smith is a great American gambler who ranked fifth on the All-Time Money List as of 2020. His first significant win came in 2007 while playing at Full Tilt Poker and get $ 203,193. During his career, the player was fortunate enough to take part in many of the largest live events and become the owner of seven-figure sums 9 times. He earned his first such prize ($ 1,041,828) when he became the champion of the AMPC in 2012. For a long time, Smith’s big winnings were $ 2,044,766 for his participation in the SHR and $ 3,178,854, which he received from the 47th WSP. But a few years later, in 2019, the poker player broke his record by winning $ 8,765,600 for 3rd place in the Triton Million on the TPSHR series.

Scott Seaver

Born in the USA, he began his career in online poker, where he mercilessly beat his opponents in cash games and tournaments at the highest limits. Playing on FullTilt and PokerStars, he quickly climbed to the $ 300 / $ 600 blinds in NLTH. Made several WSP prizes, winning the first $ 5,000 Hold’em bracelet and over $ 700,000 in prize money. In 2011, Scott finally became the WPT champion and won $ 1,618,344 at the same time. The biggest monetary success was winning tournament in the Bahams, for which he received more than $ 2 million.

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel “KidPoker” Negreanu, was born in Toronto in 1974. At first, Negreanu faced a setback and several big losses, and only a year later, in 1998, Daniel managed to win – at two WPF, and received the title of “Best All-Round Player”. Between 2005 and 2013, Negreanu earning his fourth and fifth WSOP bracelets. The cumulative winnings over this period were $ 7,000,000. In 2014 in Las Vegas, at the 45th WSOP game, Daniel finished second behind D. Coleman and earned $ 8,288,001 that day. This victory is still the largest of his career.

Daniel Coleman

Was born in the USA and sits down at the poker table online as “riyyc225” or “mrGR33N13”. His first major win came in 2008 at the World Poker Tour, where he finished 4th. 2011 saw the second place in the NoLimitHold’emChampionship, which became part of the PokerStarsCaribbeanAdventure, for which $ 60,000 in prize money was won. Also in 2011, Daniel came in 7th in the Bellagio Cup competition and made a fortune of $ 69,000. In 2014, during the EPT GF in Monte Carlo at the Super High Roller tournament, the poker player wins and wins $ 2,208,148. Also this year, the World Series of Poker won: the $ 10,000 Heads-Up tournament and $ 111,942 raised. But the biggest achievement in Daniel’s career was winning tournament WSOP, where he won over $ 15,000,000, beating Daniel Negreanu. A little later in 2014, the poker player gets into the top three at the ASHR and receives $ 796,821 for this.

Bryn Kenny

Today the list of the most successful poker players is headed by Bryn Kenny with a fortune of $ 56 403 507. Bryn Kenny is considered one of the top players who has earned a reputation as an intractable opponent. Kenny started playing poker at school, and at the age of 16, he firmly decided that he would only play poker. He first learned the basics and practiced a lot online, particularly at Full Tilt Poker, and eventually got to playing live tournaments. A year later, winning the $ 100k SHR 8-Max tournament at the PokerStars Championship brought the poker player a cash prize of € 1,784,500. And in 2018, the player added another victory for participation in the SHRB China for 2,000,000 HK $, and with it the winnings – 10,760,000 HK $ or $ 1,484,000. In 2019, the American player went down in history as the owner of the largest winnings. Brin won $ 20.5 million in the £ 1,135,000 TM tournament.


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