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Why You Should Travel Beyond Europe for Your Next Holiday


As a European, it’s easy to fall into the habit of only exploring countries within Europe for your holidays. While Europe undoubtedly offers a huge variety of cultures, landscapes, cuisines, and sights, limiting yourself to this one continent means missing out on even more that the rest of the world has to offer. For your next holiday, why not venture beyond the familiar and open yourself up to an entirely new and potentially life-changing experience by heading farther afield?

Expand Your Horizons in Asia

Asia offers a dazzling diversity of destinations that can reshape your perspectives entirely. Imagine trekking through lush jungles in Thailand to visit hill tribes, relaxing on pristine beaches in the Philippines, or immersing yourself in the neon lights and sci-fi cityscapes of Tokyo or Seoul. The hospitality, food, ancient sites, natural beauty, and utterly foreign feel make Asia ideal for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Consider an exclusive food and culture tour of India or an exotic island-hopping adventure in Indonesia for the trip of a lifetime.

Rediscover Culture in Latin America

From the lost Inca citadels of Peru and Bolivia to the steamy Amazon rainforest, and traditional Maya villages to cosmopolitan cities like Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, Latin America promises an intoxicating blend of adventure, nature, history, and culture. Learn to salsa dance in Cuba, unleash your inner daredevil on an active trip to Costa Rica, or lose yourself among ancient sites and local markets in Mexico. With customisable tours, you can create the perfect itinerary just for you.

Down Under Appeals in Australia and New Zealand

For those drawn down under, Australia and New Zealand offer vastly different but equally impressive experiences. Australia wows visitors with its Outback wilderness, Great Barrier Reef, not to mention world-class food and wine scenes in cities like Melbourne and Sydney. New Zealand appeals with its majestic landscapes that seem straight from fantasy films like Lord of the Rings, whether it’s cruising Milford Sound amid breathtaking fjords, heli-skiing towering alps or touring vibrant cities and quaint countryside dotted with traditional “marae” village meeting grounds and weaving schools that celebrate Māori heritage. Bespoke vacations allow you to handpick your ideal Aussie and Kiwi adventures. Click here for flight information to New Zealand, as well as tips on how to book a luxury overseas trip.

Final Thoughts

Venturing beyond Europe for the first time can feel daunting but will undoubtedly expose you to the most memorable places, eye-opening culture, and warmest hospitality you’ve ever experienced. Pushing your boundaries is scary but hugely rewarding. Instead of more European cities that start to blend together, embark on a completely different adventure tailored around your unique interests for a holiday you’ll cherish forever. Getting expert advice is key – specialist travel agents for custom trips focused on you can perfectly plan out an exotic vacation matching your individual personality as opposed to generic group tours. Just try it once and you may never want to holiday in Europe again!


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