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Things to Know About Mold Growth on Windows


You may not have expected that molds can attack even the window area. Well, it happens due to condensation. Many things can cause mold growth on the windowsills, such as moist air blowing from outside, plumbing leakage, etc. Kitchen windows can face this due to vapor from cooking and bathroom windows due to water from showering. At any of these places, the problem can aggravate if ventilation is also inadequate. If you leave this problem, you risk the aesthetic beauty of your house. Besides, it can weaken the structure and integrity of the windows too. Lack of timely action can cause mold to spread to wooden sills and affect them badly.

Since you must be aware of health hazards, it is another valid reason why you need to get rid of them. But how do you know your windows are facing this issue? You can have multiple other questions also. Here are some suggestions.

Inspecting Windows

Mold can mix with the color of the window; hence, it can be difficult to spot them sometimes. The common area can be the joint between the frame and the bottom of the window glass. Don’t stress if you cannot detect anything. You can call specialists to inspect and test your home for mold growth. If you live in Alabama, you can check Pure Maintenance, for example. Specialists know how to reach the problematic areas and trace them.

Removing Mold

As mentioned already, you can speak to the mold specialists to take charge of the situation. They tend to have all the necessary tools and protective equipment for this job. Hence, you can expect this process to be safe for everyone. With their expertise, they can decrease the risk of mold spores that can spread during cleaning.

Preventing Mold Growth in The Windows

It would be best if you clean windows from inside and outside routinely. Ceiling vents need to remain open every time. If there is a gap in the window frame, you can seal the edges to avoid leaks. When you notice condensation near windowsills, you should wipe it immediately. Keep exhaust fans running in the bathroom and kitchen when you are using them. You can also check the temperature of your thermostat. Please set it to 70 degrees with the fan running. In places like the basement and bathrooms, you can install a dehumidifier.

Mold growth is not suitable for the health of your house. If it happens in and around windows, these will lose their aesthetics and functionality. It can be a headache and an expensive thing also. If you don’t want to face any hassle with this, you must be careful about these areas and keep an eye on a mold. Whether you come across black spots on the surface or a foul odor, you can be sure that this problem is taking shape. In such a situation, you should not delay reaching out to the professionals for help. However, if you don’t want to get into this, keep your area clean and damp-free. Your tension will gradually go away.


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