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4 Important Things Every Student Should Consider Before Getting that London Accommodation


Standing on the Thames River is the biggest and ancient city in the United Kingdom, London. It features a lot of attractions like the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the House of Parliaments. London is also home to about 8 million people drawn from every walk of life and every nationality. More like a melting pot of the world.

Sublime city of London lies some of the most popular schools in the world with millions of students including foreigners from around the world. Some of these schools offer lodging options but staying off-campus gives you an opportunity to savor the enjoyment which is what makes London stand out among all cities of the world as the most influential and most desirable city.

Staying off-campus comes with a lot of perks, freedom, and a great time in the city. Even though there are halls of residences in schools which are catered for including your meals, off-campus lodging gives you the self-catering option; you get to choose what you want to eat and when.

Here are a couple of other things to consider when looking for a student housing in london.

  • Location

The first question on your list should be where the accommodation is located; you can do a little research to know more. City centers are always more expensive. You can find options in other parts of the city, according to your budget, and still, maintain a close distance to your school.

You can also check how accessible some basic services are to the area, health, security, and transportation.

  • Bills and Payments

It’s best to have a plan whereby all bills are included in the total rent for the week. The facility manager then makes all the necessary payments. It’s a lot more convenient and saves you the stress of having to make those payments yourself.

Getting a good place to stay shouldn’t be much of an uphill task if you make plans beforehand.

  • Cluster Flats or Studios

Cluster flats are shared apartments where there are spaces which other occupants of the flat can meet and interact in. It’s ideal for those who have disabilities in case there is a need to seek support. Not all spaces are shared, so you get to maintain an appreciable level of privacy. It’s ideal if you love connecting with people.

Studios are strictly self-contained; you have a personal bathroom and cooking space. You can decide which will best enhance your student experience and go for it.

  • Available Facilities

You don’t want to park into a flat and discover that it has limited internet access; it can really be a cog in the wheels of your desire to have an excellent education.

You can ask questions about the available resources and facilities; how many people get to share a cluster flat? Is there unlimited internet access? What spaces are been shared? Are there party spaces, gyms, and barbeque grill spaces?

And the most important, is the security facility? How good and tight is it? These questions will help you decide on a place that’s best for you.


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