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How to Make an Easy and Refreshing Kratom Tea?


Many people want to start the day with kratom tea because of its high quality. Kratom lovers explore online and offline platforms to find ways to make good quality tea with an easy recipe. Most of the recipes that you see on a digital platform are pretty straightforward. However, if you follow the simple steps, you can make your favorite drink: kratom tea. First, you need to focus on the two aspects while making kratom tea- make your team more enjoyable through authentic kratom tea leaves. Secondly, you should include your proper dosage of kratom powder to improve the quality of active compounds found in the powder.

If you want an easy and handy recipe to make lemon-ginger kratom tea; you should read below:

Before you get into the recipe, try and understand what exactly kratom tea is?

Kratom affects your mind and body in various ways, and most of them are beneficial and therapeutic. However, it would help if you took in regulated quantities not to experience withdrawal symptoms. The active ingredients found in kratom consist of many active compounds that create pain-relieving and calming effects on your body. There are three distinct strains of kratom, including white vein, green vein, and red vein. Much research is going on regarding the differences in each of the veins. However, most people use these strains for sleep, pain relief, and stimulation of energy if you get them.

Any good news for kratom tea lovers?

Kratom tea has loads of compounds that help sedate, relieve anxiety, and also helps in reducing pain. The effect of kratom gets triggered in about 20 minutes, and it can last up to six hours, depending on the quantity you have consumed.

The various factors that decide the effect of kratom on your body

  • Body tolerance level
  • Whether you consume it empty stomach or full
  • Overall health and metabolism of the individual
  • Combination of other drug elements
  • Undoubtedly people regard kratom as a safe alternative to painkillers and opioids.
  • Easy recipe to make ginger-lemon kratom tea is one of the easiest ways to make kratom tea so that it does not only taste decent but remains highly effective to your senses.

You can learn to make kratom tea in this article. Ingredients required to make kratom tea are raw ginger, lemon, honey, and kratom powder.

  • Slice the lemon and take out the juice from lemon
  • Grate some pieces of raw ginger
  • Measure your dose of kratom powder
  • Use honey according to taste
  • Boil a few cups of water in a saucepan
  • After the water boils, lower the flame to medium
  • Add all ingredients together along with the lemon slices, ginger and kratom powder, and of course, honey while stirring continuously.
  • You can boil it for 10 minutes and then strain it into a clean cup or container.
  • After getting the desired temperature, you can enjoy your sips of kratom tea.

If you do not like lemon and ginger’s taste, you can skip it and use just honey and powder to make it. Then, you can either make it on a gas stove or microwave. Just by following these simple and easy steps, you can have heavenly tasting kratom tea every morning.


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