Home Property How To Style Your Home: Our Top Tips 

How To Style Your Home: Our Top Tips 


Whether you’ve just bought your own home or you’re simply ready for a change in style around your home, we’ve got you covered. We’re going to be listing the top ways to style your house and find inspiration, to help you get started and create interior and exterior designs you’ll be happy with. Keep reading if you want to find out more.

Identifying Your Personal Style Preferences

As we go through life, we will pick up ideas of the type of style we like and the way in which we would want our homes to look. However, when it comes to actually styling our own homes and making design choices, many of us might find we struggle to choose colours, textures, or themes for interior design. If this is the case, then consider what kind of colours you find relaxing and comforting. It could be that you want a clean, fresh feel to your home that reflects natural lighting. Do you prefer brand new furniture, or would you like to include some vintage or even antique pieces in your home? If you’re struggling to tie your style together, then consider looking for inspiration from others. There is a wide range of social media pages dedicated to interior design that appeal to varying styles and tastes, as well as websites and magazines. 

What Kind Of Materials Do You Want To Use In Your Home?

The materials you choose to use in your home should be a reflection of your preferred style choices as well as what makes you feel comfortable and at home. This is especially important when it comes to pieces of furniture such as sofas, armchairs, and dining sets. You need them to be not only stylish but also comfortable and practical for your home. Whether you’re looking for a leather sofa or a fabric suite, Denelli Italia offers a wide range of seating options and styles to suit your home. Incorporating natural materials into pieces of furniture such as dining tables, chairs, and side cabinets can help to create a country, homely feel to your home. If you want a more modern, minimalist aesthetic, consider materials such as marbles and metals.

Focus On One Room At A Time

Focusing on one room at a time when designing your home’s interior can help to make the task less overwhelming and breaks it down into manageable projects. Once you’ve decided on the theme and styling for one room, it might also help you to make decisions on styling other rooms easier as well. Start with the rooms that will be the biggest priority for you and your family, such as the living room, kitchen, or bedrooms. Once you have got these out of the way, your house will feel homely more quickly and will be more functional for the household. You might find that you want to express different style choices throughout your home, and this can be a good way to enjoy different styles without causing them to clash in one room.

Choose A Colour Scheme 

The first place you might need to start when styling your home is choosing the colours you want to feature in your home. There is no right or wrong answer when choosing colours for your home, and it will depend on your personal preferences. Some people may prefer dark, bold colours that can add drama and warmth to a space. Or you might opt for more neutral tones that can help to make a space seem more airy and open, and highlight the other features you want to stand out in your interior design. If you’re unsure about particular colour choices, you could try using samples of paint and wallpaper to help give you a better idea of what suits your home and the other styling options you have in mind such as furniture. 

Don’t Forget About The Outside Too

The outside of your home, and in particular the front of your house, also helps to give people an impression of your style and tastes. Consider if there are ways you can add your own personal taste to your home’s exterior. Depending on the level of work you’re willing to carry out, you could repaint the exterior, or have it rendered to improve the look of poor brickwork or pebbledash. Consider adding plants and accessories such as lighting to help improve its street appeal. This will also help to add value should you choose to sell it in the near future. When designing your garden, consider how much maintenance you’d be happy carrying out on it. Would you prefer a natural grass lawn or the low maintenance benefits of fake grass? Do you need a decked area for seating or perhaps a hot tub? Although plants can help make your garden look better, you need to consider whether you will have the time and inclination to maintain them, so they don’t get out of hand. You could consider fake plants or small trees that don’t require as much upkeep instead.

Hiring An Interior Designer 

If you’re really struggling to bring together styling for your home, you could consider hiring an interior designer. They will help you to identify the preferences you have in styling options and then tie them together in the choices made for your home for decoration and pieces of furniture. It’s worth taking the time to find an interior designer that is right for you, as you will need to work closely with them on design choices and decisions for purchases. You will also need to trust their expertise when it comes to making decisions if you’re unsure about style choices. Therefore, good communication is key, and you will need to be comfortable enough around them to give your honest opinion on ideas they have for styling. Before hiring an interior designer, look at their reviews from previous clients, and research the costs involved. You should be clear about the budget you’re comfortable spending, so they know what they have to work with. An interior designer can help you to find contractors for bigger projects you might have in mind such as extensions or creating new spaces in your home. They will likely have worked with these contractors before so it’s worth taking their advice if you haven’t already got a contractor in mind. The interior designer will ask for your input on design decisions, so it’s a good idea to have a rough concept in mind of your preferred style choices so they have something to work with.

Style To Suit The Age Of Your Home

To help you with some styling choices, consider the age of your home. If you have a period property such as a Georgian townhouse or a Victorian terrace, this can help guide you in the right style choices that will suit your home. For example, highlighting period features or adding them back if they’ve been removed can really help to compliment the history of your home. With Georgian houses, they tend to let in a lot of natural light, so you can either highlight this by using bright, neutral whites and colours that will reflect the generous light entering through windows.


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