Located in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy, Lake Como is a beautiful resort area widely popular among luxury tourists. Full of beautiful scenery and picturesque landscapes, this serene destination attracts thousands of people every year. And you have never been on a vacation to Lake Como, it is one of such Italian destination which you have to travel to.

However, travelling to a new place means leaving the comfort of your own home and spending nights after nights in hotel rooms which, no matter how comfortable they are, can never replace the comfort and luxury of your own rooms. But in this age of the internet, finding a home away from home is just a click away.

You can find a ton of luxurious vacation rentals near Lake Como Italy, which will certainly not let you miss your own home. These vacation rentals are standalone apartments or villas, fully furnished and fitted with everything your heart can desire in a home. You can book one of these luxurious apartments online and spend your vacation in the ultimate comfort. Here are some of the destinations near Lake Como where you can find a lot of luxurious apartments to rent so that you book the perfect stay for your vacation.

Como City

Located only 48 kilometres north of Milan, the city of Como is the perfect place to spend a vacation. This beautiful city beside Lake Como is one of the main destinations one can visit in this area. You will find a ton of beautiful luxury apartments which are available for rent. Most of these apartments overlook the gorgeous lake and fitted with all the modern furniture and fixtures to not let you miss your home for once. The beautiful décor, the luxurious furniture and all the comfort of your private apartment will surely make your vacation a memorable experience.

Apart from spending time in your own apartment, there are also a ton of tourist attractions which you can visit while you spend your vacation in Como. This historic town is full of Roman influences which will take you back in the time. Most prominently the walled town of Medieval Como is full of Roman architectures and fortifications. Remember to visit the Piazza Vittoria o witness the beautiful Porta Torre go get a feel of Roman influences on this city. However, if modern architecture is the poison of your choice, then you do not need to worry. The city of Como has been a preferred destination for Rationalist architects and you will get to see a ton of modernist architectures while exploring the city.


Located a little northwest from Como, the small town of Cernobbio is a popular tourist destination near Lake Como. This picturesque town is situated at the feet of Monte Bisbino. This unique location gives this picturesque destination a very distinct flavour in terms of backdrop and scenery. You will find a lot of luxurious apartments for rent in this small town, overlooking the beautiful mountainous backdrop of this serene destination.

Apart from the luxurious villas and apartments which you can rent here, the small town of Cernobbio is also famous for some of the most beautiful and famous Villas of Lake Como. Among these historic villas, Villa d’Este and Villa Erba must be on your itinerary. These beautiful villas and their decorated gardens are some of the best places to explore in this town and enjoy the wonderful architecture. From Villa Erba, you can take a trip to Piazza Risorgimento, from where you will get to enjoy a breathtaking view of the majestic Lake Como.


Located about 50 kilometres north from the city of Como, Argegno is famous for the majestic views of Lake Como one can see from here. This small village overlooks in some of the deepest parts of Lake Como, which makes this small village extremely popular among tourists from all over the world. The town is situated just in front of Val d’Intelvi, and this beautiful mountainous valley provides the village with a stunning backdrop. This small yet beautiful village has a number of luxurious apartments to enjoy your vacation in style.

Argegno is the best place around Lake Como if you want to spend some relaxing time during your vacation. The village enjoys a laid-back attitude, and the slow pace of life will surely turn your vacation into a relaxing getaway. Enjoy your time walking down the narrow streets, have a wonderful lunch by the lake and spend your time by going for a relaxing walk by the lake.


Situated on the west bank of Lake Como, the village of Lenno enjoys a very picturesque position which makes it one of the best places to visit near Lake Como. The wonderful location made this village home to a ton of luxurious apartments which overlook the coastal stretch named Tremezzina and the calm waters of Lake Como. Renting one of this apartments will make sure you spend your vacation while soaking in the tranquillity of this wonderful destination.

One of the most popular and wonderful villas on the Lake Como is situated here in the village of Lenno, the Villa del Balbianello. This villa was used as a set of the Hollywood blockbuster film, Star War’s Episode II – Attack of the Clones (2002), which makes it one of the places which you must see while you spend your vacation in Lake Como. The Romanesque Piazza XI Febbraio is another must-visit destination when you spend your vacation here. There is also a beautiful singles beach located southwards when you can bathe under the sun or take a swim in the calm waters of the lake during the summer months.


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