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Secure your electronic wallet against theft


On vacation, in busy shopping malls or on the street, it is advisable to take care of your wallet, a clever thief can only acquire it all too quickly. But people who use Bitcoins as a means of payment should also be on their guard. As in real life, there are also thieves on the Internet who are after the contents of the electronic wallet wallet.dat. Two such thieves were recently exposed in the form of Trojans who work with different methods but pursue the same goals. Namely, to pull the money out of the pockets of Bitcoin users. However, it is not clear who exactly is behind these Trojans. In order to prevent financial damage, Bitcoin users should protect their electronic wallet from attacks by malicious software and attacks. 

For example, the Truecrypt program is interesting for all Bitcoin fans, as it is quite easy to use and effective theft protection. Truecrypt is available for free. The program is an open source program that can be used to encrypt a folder or an entire hard drive, for example. The program is known to be very safe in the Internet community, which is mainly due to the public program code, which is why further development and control of the program are not company-dependent. With the help of Truecrypt, Bitcoin owners can hide their wallet.dat from Trojans with simple parameters and thus significantly reduce the risk of Bitcoins being stolen. It is worth trying the technology of non-fungible tokens, which is gaining popularity lately, read more here https://bitcoindata.org/whats_up_with_nft/.

Although Truecrypt is considered secure, the program does not offer complete protection against theft of Bitcoins. We recommend using the Truecrypt function in a separate network or on a computer that is only used for sending and receiving Bitcoins. Bitcoin owners should in any case ensure that the encryption of their wallet.dat is activated or that they keep their electronic wallet offline when it is not needed. However, it is best to consider both security measures in parallel.


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