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Are Locks Complicated and do you Need a Locksmith?


Locks are something we use every day. They provide security and peace of mind. However, when you use something everyday, there’s always the risk of problems occurring. But are locks that complicated? And if you experience a problem, do you need professional help from a locksmith?

About Your Locks

Locks get used a lot and over time can have a range of problems. Common issues include jamming caused by dirt and debris, broken keys, worn-out components. Then there’s issues such as accidental lockouts.

Simple problems like loose screws or a stuck key may be resolved with some basic DIY, more complex issues definitely require the expertise of a professional locksmith. Attempting to fix a complicated lock problem without proper knowledge and tools can cause further damage and may even invalidate your home insurance.

Locks are intricate mechanisms designed to stop anyone without the right key getting access. A lock has various components, including cylinders, pins, springs and keyways and some have their own unique designs and matching complexities. Understanding and fixing the inner workings of locks can be challenging without the right knowledge or experience.

While understanding the basics of lock mechanics means you can learn to handle certain lock-related challenges yourself but where expertise and security are paramount, calling a professional locksmith is usually the best thing to do. The problem is that if you try to fix a complex mechanism yourself you not only risk damaging the lock or door, causing you extra expense, you could also find your insurance is no longer valid.

Window Vs Door Locks

And of course, it’s not just door locks that can go wrong. Window locks can suffer the same problems but are different beasts.

Window Locks

·         Smaller and designed for narrow window frames

·         Different mechanisms, for example sash, cam or sliding locks

·         Offer a different level of security and designed to stop access through a window

·         Installed onto the window frame to lock the window closed or in the partially open position, and allow for ventilation

Door Locks

·         Larger and stronger to provide the security needed for main entrances.

·         Different mechanisms for example deadbolts, knob, lever or mortise locks.

·         Specifically designed to withstand forced entry and tampering.

·         Installed within the door and the door frame to lock the door in the closed position.

The Benefits of Hiring a Locksmith

Professional locksmiths undergo extensive training to understand the intricacies of different lock types. That means you’re getting someone with the expertise to handle various locks. They’ll probably fix it quicker than you could. And you’ll have the peace of mind that the repair has been done properly and your property is safe and secure.

 A locksmith also has the specialised tools that are required to fix locks. Without these your repair attempt could take much longer or not be possible at all. Just search for a locksmith near me and you’ll be given a list of local ones in your area. Or ask family and friends for recommendations.  If you are using the internet, check reviews and if there’s anything you’re unsure about ask. A good locksmith will happily give you an explanation of the work and a quote. If you’re not comfortable, don’t feel pressured into accepting services.

When Do You Need a Locksmith?

If you have some basic DIY skills, there will be some lock maintenance and minor repairs you can carry out. You can clean locks (not using WD40 as it’s not a solvent and won’t clean anything), lubricate them or even replace a cylinder fairly easily. But sometimes you just need to call the pros.

·         Lockouts: If you find yourself locked out of your home or car, a locksmith can help you get access. A locksmith can also provide key replacements or rekey the locks.

·         Lock Malfunctions: If your lock is malfunctioning or sticking, it’s best to call a locksmith. It could be more than a lock issue, for example the door might no longer be lining up.

·         Security Upgrades: If you want to upgrade the security of your property, a locksmith is the best option to recommend and install advanced locks.

Final Thoughts

For ultimate peace of mind, remember that locks are intricate mechanisms that require specialised knowledge, skills and tools to repair. You can perform some basic lock maintenance, but anything more complex is best left to a professional locksmiths. They’ll fix your lock problems quickly, without risk of damage and in a way that will keep your insurance company happy.


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