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10 Things to Get Ready Before Moving Day


Moving home is always going to be an eventful time as you’re packing up everything and getting ready to move it to a new home. As a result of this, it’s often easy to accidentally forget something amidst all the commotion which is why I’ve written this article to help you prepare for moving day. In this list we’ll look at some essentials that need to be sorted before you move out of your old home and into the new!

1 – Write a Checklist

Before completing any activity it’s so useful to write a checklist beforehand so that you can cover the main bases and add to it as new things crop up (as they have a habit of doing). A checklist also makes everything much more manageable when there are multiple parts that you may be juggling all in your head. Writing a checklist makes the challenge seem much less daunting as everything is laid out in front of you. You’ll also start to see that a number of things may already be ticked off the list! 

2 – Packing

Beginning a couple weeks in advance of the moving date is advisable; by that I mean at least packing decorative items, for instance, that aren’t necessary day-to-day. Packing the rest can be done much closer to moving day, or depending on the amount of stuff you have, within the span of a weekend. When packing up fragile items, try and bolster the box with packing paper or towels if you have spares to ensure that everything arrives in one piece!

3 – Labelling Boxes

It is always advisable to label the boxes with their contents as this will help you when unpacking as well as helping the movers if you decide to use a professional service. At Yeates we offer various packing and moving solutions to cater to the individual needs of our customers so it’s worth checking with your local removals company to see if there’s an option to suit your needs. Either way, labelling the boxes will help immensely throughout the moving process as you unpack or perhaps need to get at something that’s already been packed. 

4 – Declutter

Throughout the packing process, you may realise that a lot of your belongings can either be thrown out or donated to charity. It’s a good opportunity to take an inventory of what you have and maybe what isn’t needed anymore that can be given a new home or perhaps is beyond repair and so needs to be gotten rid of. 

5 – Turn off The Electronics

Depending on your situation, this may not be necessary if there is somebody moving in immediately afterwards for example. Nevertheless it’s usually good practise to unplug all the electronic devices and switch off the outlets. You don’t want to leave anything to chance when moving which is why it’s a good idea to turn everything off, especially all the electronic items.

6 – Update Postal Address

Nowadays it’s usually as simple as the click of a button but you may need to repeat this process for various different utility providers. Banks, energy, gas, internet and more will all need to be notified of a change of address. It’s good to do this at least a week in advance where possible but certain things can only be done once you’re in the new home. This can also be a good opportunity to check that you have the best deal for your situation as some services may change as you move house so it’s worth contacting the utility providers to inquire as to what’s currently available/ best for you.

7 – Clean 

This is another tip where you may choose to do it yourself or maybe hire a professional to take care of. Either way, cleaning up the house or flat before you leave it is advisable just for the sake of the next occupants and as a double-check to make sure that everything is packed up and ready to go. 

8 – Pack an Overnight Bag

This is just for the first night when you may not have everything unpacked or organised – having an overnight bag just makes the whole process that much more straightforward. Pack all the usual items that you’d expect to find in an overnight bag such as a wash bag, pyjamas, change of clothes, but then you can also pack valuables or certain confidential items that you don’t want hidden among the rest of the moving boxes. 

9 – Before the Move

The day before, it’s a great help to just go over your checklist and tie up any loose ends. Walk through the house or flat for one last time to make sure that everything is left correctly and everything has been packed or is accounted for. 

10 – Moving Day

After preparing everything in this list (along with extras that will surely be encountered!) you can then enjoy the actual moving process – maybe! At least everything, hopefully, will have been checked off the list which should bring some peace of mind to focus on the move and then unpacking. It can even be quite fun if you have friends and family to help with the moving/ unpacking!


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