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Extra Acting Jobs: How to Make a Living as an Extra Actor


Extra acting jobs are a great way to make a living as an actor. These jobs can be anything from being an extra in a movie or television show to doing voice-overs for commercials.

What Are Extra Acting Jobs?

Extra acting jobs are any type of job that an actor can do in addition to their main acting work. This can include jobs such as extra work in movies and television shows, voice-overs for commercials, or even working as a model. These jobs can be a great way for actors to make some extra money and keep their skills sharp

There are a few things you need to do in order to get started in extra acting:

1. Prepare Your Resume and Headshot

Your resume should list any acting experience you have, as well as any other skills you may have (e.g. singing, dancing, etc.). Your headshot should be high-quality and show your best features.

2. Find Casting Calls

There are a few ways to find casting calls:

  • Look online: There are a number of websites that list casting calls for extras.
  • Check with your local theatre: Often, theatres will post casting calls for their upcoming productions.
  • Go to an open casting call: Casting agencies often hold open casting calls where anyone can audition.
  • Find Talent Agencies: Talent agencies often have lists of casting calls for their clients. You need to find such an agency and make sure that you are on their list.
  • Take Headshot: When you go to an audition, you will often need to bring a headshot with you. This is a photograph of you that shows your face clearly so that they can judge your appearance and give you the role accordingly.
  • Sign up with a Casting Agency: If you are lucky, you may be signed up with a casting agency. Casting agencies often have access to many casting calls that they can submit their actors for.

3. Attend an Extras Class

There are a number of acting schools that offer classes specifically for extras. These classes will teach you how to audition for extra roles, how to behave on set and more.

4. Get Connected

Once you have some experience as an extra, start networking with other actors and producers. Attend industry events, introduce yourself to people in the industry, and build relationships. This will help you find more opportunities as an extra actor.

How Much Money Extra Actors Make?

The amount of money extra actors make varies depending on the project. Generally, though, you can expect to make anywhere from $8 to $100 per hour. However, some projects may offer a flat fee rather than an hourly wage.

Tips for Extra Acting Jobs

  • Be Flexible: One of the best things about extra acting jobs is that they are very flexible. You can often work around your own schedule.
  • Stay Calm and Professional: When you’re on set, it’s important to stay calm and professional. Remember that you’re there to do a job, and be respectful of the other actors and crew.
  • Be Prepared: Make sure you know your lines and are familiar with the scene you’re shooting. This will help make your shooting experience smoother.
  • Consider Your Location:  If you live in a major city, there are likely more opportunities for extra work. However, if you live in a smaller town, don’t be afraid to reach out to local productions and see if they need any extras.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Often, extra actors are paid a flat rate for the day, regardless of how long they work.
  • You may be required to work long hours, especially if you’re working on a movie or television show.
  • Make sure to bring water and snacks, as there may not be time for lunch.


Extra acting jobs can be a great way to make a living as an extra actor. By finding work as an extra, you can gain experience and build your resume. You may also be able to find work on television or in films. It is important to find reputable agencies that can help you find work and to be prepared for the audition process. With a little hard work and determination, you can make a living as an extra actor.


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