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10 Tips On How To Keep Your Home Safe


It’s more enjoyable to decorate your new house than to set up security measures. However, burglars strike every 30 seconds, so home security should be a top priority. Here are 10 simple things you should do right away to protect your new home that won’t take much time or effort.

1. The doors should be secured.

Don’t assist a thief to gain access through the front door (34% of them do!). Examine all of your exterior doors to ensure that the frames are sturdy, the hinges are secure, and—if your door has a mail slot—that someone may not reach through it to unlock it.

Change the door locks if you’re moving into a home that someone else previously occupied. You’ll avoid having strangers with a key to your house, and you can guarantee that your locks are the most effective on the market. You can make your doors super safe with FastKeys!

2. Don’t forget to lock the windows

Windows are a frequent entry point for robbers, according to theft expert Dr Ben Stickle, who adds that they may be left open but unlocked by the previous homeowner. Furthermore, windows from the manufacturer aren’t always secure—and some of them are practically flimsy.

3. Make the landscape brighter

Vandals, burglars, and other criminals dislike being in the limelight. With enough outdoor lighting, you can keep them at bay. Install lights along walkways, near garages and other outdoor structures, and around your front and back gardens. You’ll deter intruders and minimize your risk of tripping on the way up the front steps.

4. Set up a burglar alarm

Having a security system in your new house, whether it’s a basic DIY installation or one that comes with professional monitoring and home automation, is strongly advised. There are several different types of home security systems available today for every budget and degree of protection.

5. Don’t forget to seal the garage

Criminals are increasingly using this entry point to your house. Even if they can’t get into your home, there’s a good chance you have a lot of valuables in the garage. Make it a habit to lock all garage doors, both inside and out.

6. Enable Wi-Fi security on your home network.

Your home’s wireless network is a gateway to your personal and financial data. It can also make your house more vulnerable to an invasion if you use home automation. If your Wi-Fi network is linked to smart home devices or your security system, attackers may have direct access to your property.

7. Hideaways should be eliminated.

Grasses, bushes, and trees may improve the appearance of your property but can also aid intruders in hiding. Remove shrubs and plants that might be used for concealment near your house. Avoid using large blooms and bushes near windows. If you have trees near your windows, consider removing them or beefing up the glass with more reinforcement.

8. Install security cameras

Headlines about burglars and porch pirates being foiled by security camera footage are common. This is one home security solution that may be used as both a deterrent and a method of obtaining justice. You can purchase security cameras that are part of a comprehensive home security system, or you may use cameras that operate independently.

9. It’s important to Get a safe

If your home security systems fail, make sure that valuable things are secure. A safe is a safe place to store everything from jewellery to important papers like passports. You want a fire-resistant, waterproof, and hefty safe that a robber can’t carry off with it.

10. Use automation in your home.

If you’ve been thinking about converting your everyday home into a smart home, safety is one of the strongest reasons to do it. Home automation might give you remote (or scheduled) management of lights, door locks, security cameras, smoke alarms, and other emergency equipment. You may get real-time notifications when suspicious behaviour occurs, allowing you to act promptly and avoid potential robbers.


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