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What is a ranking factor and why it is so important


Nowadays, SEO optimization of a site is critical to its success. As you might already know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which translates into your website being well positioned in Google’s search result page and, consequently, visible for users.

But how does this whole process work? Is it really fundamental for a success of a website or e-commerce? The answer is yes. Nowadays, a website that isn’t SEO optimized is likely to never be found by users, even though it offers high quality content or products. On the contrary, if your website is well positioned in Google’s SERP, users will easily find it and click on it. Even though this is really important, nowadays it isn’t the only important factor to take into account. Appearing in the top results on Google is crucial, but your website must comply many other requirements in order to be successful. The term “ranking factors” describes in fact all the criteria used by Google and other search engines to evaluate whether a site could be in the first result page or not. Ranking factors refer to the website’s content, to its loading speed, to the kind of user experience offered and to many other elements which nowadays are crucial for a successful website. Among these, we find core web vitals, which nowadays are vital, as the name suggests, to evaluate a site’s performance. Let’s have a closer look on this matter.

How does Google ranking work?

Let’s go deeper into the Google positioning matter. How does ranking work? On the web, people who want to find information, products and other things just type words related to the things they’re looking for. These words are commonly called keywords and they’re essential for your website to be find by users. However, Google ranking isn’t just about using the right keywords. The quality of the content and information you share is also really important. Google also checks elements like the purpose of your website, the reputation of the website or of the content creator, the quality of user experience, the authority of the site and so much more. All of these factors help to position your site on Google result page and to determine SEO ranking.

What are Core Web Vitals?

Core Web Vitals are new ranking factors which nowadays are considered to be crucial for SEO ranking and for granting a good user experience. They are in fact the most used tool to determine how well a site is performing and to ensure a smooth experience to whoever visits a website. As a matter of fact, CWVs measure the speed, the reactivity and the stability of a page. These are all important factors that can have a very positive or negative impact on user experience. Since their introduction a few years ago, Core Web Vitals have grown in importance in Google’s ranking terms, that’s why today they are considered crucial for the success of a site. They are meant to measure the loading speed of the largest content offered by a website (Largest Contentful Paint), the speed interaction (First Input Delay) and the stability of all the elements of the site (Cumulative Layout Shift). If your goal is to position your site on the top three results on Google, Core Web Vitals will help you optimize your website and to create a solid SEO strategy.


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