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Know-How to Create a Meme from Scratch and Spread It over the Internet


Do you know that memes existed even before the Internet? Shocked right? Well, a meme is an idea that spreads from person to person and in this era of the internet, memes gained much more traction because sharing them became easier. In this article, we will learn how to make a meme from scratch and spread it over the Internet.

Creating a Meme from Scratch

Let’s start with the basics; firstly you should know how to use a graphics editor program such as MS Paint, Photoshop, Gimp, etc. If you use a Windows machine then you can use the Impact font that is easily available in most Windows computers for adding texts to your memes or you can also use the stroke effect if you are using Photoshop. You can also make video memes but they require much more effort and some additional editing applications. According to Medium, memes are not only elements of humor; they are also a chief element of political expressions, brand advertising, and social anxiety.

Online Meme Making Websites

Many websites are emerging nowadays that enable you to create and share your memes online and that too very conveniently. Millions of pictures are circulating over the Internet and by using those online meme generating websites you can easily pick any such picture, edit it and make a meme out of it. If you want then instead of using the already available pictures, you can click your picture and create a meme out of it and that’s how a meme is born. People click pictures and upload them on the Internet where they are seen by some creatively crazy people who make outstanding and hilarious memes out of those pictures. Memes are not only pictures; memes can also be videos and gifs. Making video memes is way more effective than picture memes and so it also requires much more effort and excellent editing skills. 

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Spreading Your Meme Over the Internet

For making a meme popular, the obvious thing that you have to do is to upload it on the Internet because that is how it will reach more people. For putting your meme you need to be active on social media but this does not mean that you will create multiple accounts for posting the same meme, instead of making your meme popular such an act will make your meme to be dismissed by people. Besides social media, another effective way to spread your meme is to post it to major meme websites. But before doing so remember that these websites are visited by millions of people daily and they also contain thousands of already famous memes. So, to make your memes stand out you have to make them unique and funnier, or else they will get buried and people will forget them in no time.


This is how you can begin your journey in making memes. Popularity will not come overnight, your meme might take time to get the attraction of people so keep patience and do not lose hope. 


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