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Use Instagram to generate traffic to your brand’s WordPress blog


One of the crucial objectives of most marketing types is to enhance brand authority. Today, the marketing and branding landscape is dynamic, and there is no restriction on the marketing messages, which the customers are consuming daily. It is natural for them to turn to the services and products they have already tried. Customers are loyal to brands they trust, which in turn boosts sales.

Today, approximately 96% of the famous B2B content marketers reveal that their audience has faith. The reason for this is a smart content marketing strategy that addresses the customers’ global requirements and also allows them to learn more about a brand. A WordPress blog provides intelligent tactics for generating sales to various websites. It also makes social media channels, such as Instagram, as a perfect platform to market content. Instagram provides attractive marketing opportunities for brands. It is a wise decision to welcome more traffic for your WordPress blog using Instagram.

Before that, you need to ensure that your Instagram business account has enough followers. Though you can always follow ways to generate traffic organically, external help is still beneficial. For this, you can depend on companies that help you purchase Instagram likes and followers. To know more about this, you can check out https://www.insta4likes.com. Once that gets done, you can concentrate on the following steps:

  1. Use the Instagram bio as your CTA (Call to Action)

You generally don’t have much customization scopes on Instagram. Here you need to make the most of the profile bio. Once you use this option, it will help you keep space for using keywords for SEO. It also acts as a CTA that promotes your website. That way, the followers you had and gained can get to check your WordPress blog and subscribe to it.

To get started, you need to clarify that the WordPress blog is the primary website link. You can then use this link to lead your followers to the blog homepage or any particular post that will help you promote your brand, products, and services. You can add a catchy CTA phrase on the bio tweaking people’s interest to browse through the blog. When you want to promote anyone’s post, you can also add the topic for generating more interest. It will help you to attract the desired readers and followers.

Few brands have got success by highlighting the CTA phrase and link and adding special characters and emoji for gaining maximum attention. It might appear informal but will undoubtedly cater to your purpose.

  • Make informative and relevant excerpts and share

Your followers and audience want to know more about your brand and other information you can offer to address their pain points. Hence, make sure that you create informative, engaging, and relevant content. For this, you can share small sections of the entry via Instagram Stories and feed posts. You can share your valuable insights, quotes, and practical solutions to customer queries and ensure that your blog gets loaded with information that will help your followers address a situation or problem in their life and arrive at a useful solution or conclusion.

When it comes to the Instagram feed posts, you need to add relevant texts to the images you’ve shared and placed them in the correct order. You can mention the complete blog title alongside the caption with a CTA phrase and a link in the bio. Do you wish to highlight a bite-sized bit using Instagram Stories? If yes, then you will require to manage it differently. The Stories have a few select features and styles that you can use after deciding on the base image.

  • Count on video posts

Based on the ongoing studies and research, approximately 92% of the marketers using video posts, claim that in 2020 it will be one of the core marketing strategies. Close to 88% of marketers report that video posts get the maximum ROI. If you have ample time and resources, make sure to place easy videos on your Instagram business page. Are you wondering how to start this? If yes, you can choose a few best content that you have on the WordPress blog and script the same in a video format. It is one of the ideal strategies for bringing together blog posts under an umbrella of broad topics. It will help you to use the three crucial features of Instagram that is the IGTV, Instagram Stories, and regular posts.

Marketers and brands need to know that IGTV provides an edge over the other two options. It is helpful, especially if you plan to post a long-form video post to direct your Instagram online traffic to the WordPress blog. The links that you add on the IGTV descriptions are clickable, which makes a big difference.

You must sync in your WordPress site and Instagram business profile to leverage both the platforms. The ways mentioned above can help you in accomplishing the goal.


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