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Simple Boiler Maintenance Tips And Tricks


Many people will stop thinking about their boiler from the moment it is installed and tested until it starts malfunctioning or stops working completely. Neglecting your boiler only increases the risk of costly repairs should the worst happen, one of the reasons experts recommend having it serviced regularly.  Proper boiler maintenance and regular servicing make it easier to prevent and even detect issues before they happen.  A well-maintained boiler thus continues to function optimally for many years to come, with only a few occasional repairs needed.  This article outlines the top 5 tips and tricks for home boiler maintenance.

1. Run Simple Boiler Checks Regularly

Depending on where the boiler is installed/located, running a few simple checks can help detect and fix a problem before it worsens. Check to see if there is a leak and have it fixed immediately.  A leak may also be a sign of a bigger problem, especially internal damage to the boiler, hence should be checked immediately. You also want to check the pilot light to ensure it still has that strong blue flame. While it wouldn’t be advisable to run these checks daily, doing it on a monthly basis would be a wise idea.

2. Run A Few Boiler Tests

Visual inspections go a long way in detecting signs of wear and tear and damage on the boiler. Running simple tests, such as turning it ON to see if all radiators come on,  and are working correctly, is recommended, especially in summer. This is because some boiler components may stop working or malfunction if it hasn’t been in use for several months. Turning the boiler on to run for a few minutes might/could help keep the components sound and in optimal working condition.

3. Bleed The Radiators

There are times when some radiators will heat up faster than others. This mostly happens when air builds up inside the radiators impacting their performance.  Bleeding the radiators removes the excess air restoring their performance. Almost anyone can bleed a radiator. Most manufacturers will even include guidelines on how to do this for various of their boilers and radiators.  Be sure to download the manuals or search online for ways to bleed your specific radiators.

4. Schedule For Annual Boiler Servicing

A professional gas boiler service is required to help ascertain its performance and efficiency.  The technician will inspect, test, clean and diagnose the boiler for damage. Most technicians charge a boiler service fee of about £75, which is a small price to pay for annual servicing.  The best thing with scheduling annual servicing is the fact that the technicians will never forget; hence will show up on the set date each year.  Such visits help detect some of the most common issues and fix them before the problem escalates. 

5. Consider A Power Flush

 This is one of the essential and popular maintenance steps for gas boilers.  A power flush helps eliminate sludge that might have accumulated inside the central heating system over time. Sludge buildup within the system can impact the boiler’s performance over time, thus an almost immediate requirement when installing a new gas boiler. Getting rid of the unwanted materials can also improve the performance and life of the boiler.  It also enables the technicians to fit a system filter to inhibit sludge from the boiler.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Boiler?

Several factors ought to be considered when computing replacement costs for a boiler.  We also have a detailed guide on what is required of you when shopping for a replacement boiler. Follow all the tips and guidelines outlined above to prolong your boiler’s life and possibly save you lots of money and frustration in the long run. Contact Absolute Boiler Services replacement boiler for a quote. For boiler repair and installation you can also check 247 Boiler Repair Man.


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