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Everything You Need To Know About Split Air Conditioners


Millions of people in Australia have installed split system air conditioners in their homes or commercial space. If you’re tired of using the fan or an air conditioner that can’t do the job – keep reading! 

A split system air conditioner is an absolute lifesaver and could be the solution you’ve been looking for!

Split System Air Conditioners Explained

Feeling like you’re experiencing a heatwave? Don’t worry! You just don’t have the right air conditioning.

An air conditioner can be the difference between a good day and a horrendous day.

Split systems have a way of making sure every day is a good one.

You can be cool as a cucumber with an energy-efficient air conditioning unit. Split systems are pretty simple to understand – two units. One inside your home and one mounted outside.

The one inside blows conditioned air into your home.

The one outdoor unit expels warm air from inside your home or commercial space.

How Do Split Systems Work?

There’s a little bit of magic behind a split system air conditioner. The way they work is nothing short of genius!

Essentially the indoor and outdoor units operate in sync to help you acclimatize with ease.

Refrigerant is the substance that allows for the heating and cooling process to happen.

In split systems, refrigerant gas is first sent to the outdoor unit’s compressor where it is stored and the heating takes place.

The gas refrigerant constantly changes between a gas and liquid – this is where the magic happens!

Hot air is sucked from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit and in this process, it is regulated accordingly. Giving you a seamless experience that keeps you nice and cool!

Pretty epic right? So cool. Err, excuse the pun.

Where Should I Put The Units?

Now that you’ve read about the system and how it works, let’s see where to place the units.

The indoor unit needs to be in a place where cool air can be circulated easily and efficiently.

Roughly 2m up and mounted on the wall. You need to be able to clean it if necessary so keep this in mind.

The outdoor unit is not placed directly on the wall. It heats up and shakes, so refrain from direct wall placement.

However, it needs to be placed outside but still close to the indoor unit. Placing it nearby is important to reduce the hassle of wiring and piping. Don’t put it near the living room because it can get a little noisy.

Multi-split Air Conditioners Explained

A multi-split air conditioner is an absolute work of art!

It is still a split system air conditioner but allows an area to have multiple indoor units, with only needing one outdoor unit compressor.

The multi-split system is perfect for commercial spaces, houses and more!

Inverter Split System Explained

Introducing the energy-efficient inverter split system. It uses smart inverter technology to achieve the best results.

Standard split systems compressors have two speed modes: full power and off.

Smart inverter models use technology to optimize this process. Compressors use just the right amount of speed to save you on electricity costs and reduce noise.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Explained

Want the best of both worlds? Nice and cold or nice and warm!

The system simply reverses its refrigeration cycle to make this possible.

Split Systems Versus Ducted Air Conditioning

Buying the right air conditioner doesn’t have to be a tedious task! All it requires is doing some homework!

So, let’s take a look at the difference between a split system versus ducted air conditioning.

Split systems have two units – as detailed previously. An indoor unit and an outdoor unit.

Split systems use a remote control to operate.

The indoor units are mounted on the wall.

In ducted systems, there are air ducts. These air ducted air conditioners can cover multiple rooms which makes them relatively lucrative.

The ducted system can regulate airflow in areas that don’t require air conditioning.

This could save you some money but might also be quite costly to install.

Both systems are capable of using smart technology to optimize their functions.

How Difficult Is It To Install A Split System?

Difficult? Not at all!

These systems can be installed super simply and the process hardly ever takes longer than a day.

The beauty of these systems is how incredibly efficient they are, in terms of installation too!

You shouldn’t have any struggle installing split systems if you use a professional service.

The only changes that will be made to the building are a bit of drilling for wiring and piping, and a couple of screws here and there.

For outdoor units, you can opt to use a protective casing to reduce the chance of damage.

Common Questions

What Does A Split System Cost?

When installing a split system you’ll need to account for a few things.

The air technician costs to set up everything and handle the electrical wiring and so on.

The cost of the indoor and outdoor units.

It’s best to contact the company directly to find out. Compare quotes to find the best price.

Are Split Systems Worthwhile?

Absolutely! Yes, yes and yes once more.

Split systems are incredibly worthwhile. They’re a solution to all those air conditioning troubles.

The use of smart technology also makes them incredibly efficient.

If they’re well looked after they last longer than 10 years. How’s that for a good deal!

What Split System Should I Install?

There are a couple of factors to consider here.

The most popular choice would be between a regular split system and an inverter split system air conditioner.

The main difference between these two is energy efficiency. The inverter split systems can really save you some extra cash.

Secondly, how big is your space? The amount of split systems you require is dependent on the size of your space. Speak to a consultant to see what would best suit your space.


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