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5 Common Mistakes That First-Time Car Owners Make And How To Fix Them


Getting your first car is an exciting time, and there is nothing quite like being able to hit the road and get about on your own. When owning your first car, there are some things you should be aware of, so that you don’t risk breaking down or damaging your car. Below we look at 5 common mistakes that first-time car owners make and how to fix them.

Not Getting A Spare Key

Unless you were lucky enough to get a brand new car or the previous owner kept a spare, you should go about getting a spare key as soon as possible. You never know when you might accidentally lock the key inside the car or lose it. Having a spare somewhere safe will save a lot of hassle.

To fix this, use a specialist car key replacement service such as Speedy Auto Locksmith. Whether you are locked out of your car or just want a spare key, they offer affordable prices that beat going to your local dealership.  

Leaving The Lights On

There is nothing worse than getting to your car and realising the battery is dead because you left the lights on. This is a common mistake for first-time car owners, as it is easily forgotten. Make it a habit to double-check every time you leave your car. Some cars will make a noise if the lights are left on, so find out if yours does.

Not Filling Up Until Last Minute

It is so easy to brush off that petrol warning light but not topping up until the last minute can cause damage to your engine. Running on empty may also leave you stranded, which can cost a fortune in breakdown costs, especially if you don’t have breakdown cover. When it comes to fuel, it is better to top up sooner rather than later.

Forgetting To Change The Oil

Once you hit about 5,000 miles, it is time for an oil change. Some people do it sooner, but this isn’t always necessary. The best way to check? Take the dipstick out from the engine, and wipe it clean. Find the minimum level line and then dip it back in. As long as your oil is above this, it should be fine. If you need help checking and changing your oil, click here.

Not Checking Tyre Pressure

Having low tyre pressure could get you pulled over, as well as pose a danger to yourself and others. If you don’t know your tyre pressure, this is usually found inside the car, in the vehicle instructions, or you can ask your local dealership. Make sure you know your tyre pressure and check them every month. The tyre pressure warning light isn’t always reliable, especially in older cars, so you need to do this yourself. Air is free at most petrol stations across the UK, so check them when you go fill up.

Following these five fixes will make sure your car stays in good condition and you don’t get stranded with no petrol or low oil. Have a spare car key handy, check your tyre pressure at least once a month, and turn your lights off before you leave your car.


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