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What Markets are GRP Used for?


GRP products are used for a number of different markets and are now seen as a much better alternative to traditional materials, such as aluminium and steel, for a wide range of applications. Engineered Composites are proud to be able to supply a comprehensive range of GRP products for up to a dozen different markets. Just a few of the markets we cover include the following;-

• Rail

• Leisure

• Manufacturing

• Construction

• Electrical

• Marine

• Industrial

• Telecommunications

• Water & Utilities

Construction GRP Products

GRP Products are widely used for construction projects and it’s no wonder why when you see the long-term benefits of using GRP products as opposed to more traditional materials. GRP can be supplied for roofing contractors, larger-scale projects and much more. Just a few of the most popular types of GRP products that we supply for construction include GRP Handrails, GRP Rebar, GRP Pultruded Profiles, GRP Scaffold Tubes, and GRP Moulded Gratings. To commit to providing the best possible construction project, durable products are essential which is exactly what you get with GRP.

Industrial GRP Products

GRP products are also hugely beneficial for a number of industrial applications. Particularly for oil, gas, and also water. As GRP material can withstand outdoor elements without looking damaged and being corrosion-resistant, GRP is the ideal material for a number of applications for industrial use. Typical products that are supplied for industrial use include GRP handrails, GRP fencing, GRP interlocking flooring, GRP moulded gratings, and GRP pultruded profiles. GRP fencing is commonly installed to protect potentially dangerous industrial-type equipment or machinery from the general public.

Manufacturing GRP Products

Another market that GRP suppliers, just like Engineered Composites, supply products to include manufacturing companies. GRP products are particularly useful for a number of industries under the manufacturing umbrella such as plastics, food production, textiles, and apparel. Similar to the industrial market, manufacturing industries often have to encounter harsh environments and demands. Therefore, they require highly durable applications. Typical products that are supplied for manufacturing include GRP handrails, anti-slip products, GRP pultruded profiles, GRP mesh fencing, and GRP moulded gratings.

Rail GRP Products

Ensuring that walkways, platforms and ramps are safe for the rail industry is absolutely essential. GRP products – such as anti-slip flooring – have become an essential part of rail infrastructure over the past few years and the surge continues to grow with no signs of slowing down. Moreover, GRP handrails are also essential for public safety to create a clear barrier between the rail track and sidewalk. Other types of GRP products regularly supplied for the rail industry often include GRP pultruded profiles, GRP fencing, and GRP moulded gratings.

Leisure GRP Products

Another market that GRP suppliers should be supplying to is Leisure. GRP suppliers just like Engineered Composites are able to supply high-quality products to fitness premises, restaurants, hotels, and health centres. For example, anti-slip GRP products are invaluable for areas such as swimming pools to drastically decrease the risk of injury, trips or accidents. Further GRP products for the Leisure market that are useful include GRP palisade fencing, GRP mesh fencing, and GRP pultruded profiles.

Electrical GRP Products

Corrosion-resistant characteristics within various applications for the electrical market is absolutely essential. GRP products are best used here to protect workers and safeguard them from potentially hazardous and even fatal situations. GRP fencing is a commonly supplied product that is used to safeguard dangerous equipment or machinery that should be strictly avoided. GRP handrails are also commonly installed to electrical companies and installed to implement further protection measures where fall protection is necessary.

Why Choose Engineered Composites?

If you’re looking for high-quality GRP products, look no further than Engineered Composites. We are proud to have decades of experience in supplying a range of products for all of the above markets and industries. GRP is a fantastic material that is beneficial for so many markets due to its high strength-to-weight performance and corrosion-resistant characteristics. Engineered Composites are often able to supply products on a same-day service if ordered during the week. Get in touch with us today to discuss further or seek further information regarding how we can help.


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