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Is Boiler Service Mandatory?


Boiler service prevents harmful gas leakage and other incidents that could jeopardize your health and safety. Therefore, it is mandatory to service your boiler regularly to keep your house warm and safe.

Meanwhile, let’s discuss other reasons why you should make sure that a professional engineer does a gas boiler service on your heating system regularly, what the law says about servicing a boiler, and how much to service a boiler.

Why You Should Service Your Boiler Regularly

●     It guarantees safety

Servicing your boiler keeps your family and household safe as it will prevent deadly accidental carbon monoxide poisoning often caused by a faulty boiler. The engineers will detect and fix any issues that could endanger your home and family.

●     It Prevents severe damage to the boiler

Servicing your boiler prevents severe damages that will cost a fortune to repair.  Regular service helps you fix minor issues before developing into significant problems that will break your bank.

●     Cost Efficiency

Boiler service is more affordable than getting a new boiler or replacing a damaged part. It reduces running costs, and it prevents unnecessary expenses incurred by severe damages and faults.

●     It Reduces Energy Consumption Rate

You can be sure your well-serviced boiler won’t consume much energy, especially if it’s not too old. Hence, boiler service reduces energy bills

●     It’s One Of The Insurance And Warranty Requirements

Many boiler and insurance companies demand you service your boiler annually to benefit from their insurance package and warranty coverage.

According to Martyn from Worcester, some warranties become invalid if homeowners don’t service their boilers within a specific period.

●     It Is legally required for landlords

The UK law stipulates that every landlord must hire a certified and qualified Gas Safe engineer to check all gas appliances, including boilers, at least once a year. You must service your gas appliances annually to avoid legal sanctions.

When should you get your boiler serviced?

Service your boiler in the summer, test it and be sure it’s in top-notch condition ahead of the winter period. Don’t wait until the cold months before servicing it. Servicing your boiler in the Summer months guarantees:

●     Availability

Boiler Servicing engineers aren’t always busy in the summer because not so many people use boilers. There are few emergency cases in the summer. Hence, the best engineers are readily available in warmer months than in winter when engineers have a huge workload.

●     Convenience

The reduced workload means engineers are available to service your boiler when it’s convenient for you. Likewise, summer is the holiday season. You won’t have to skip work to monitor the servicing session because your mature kids will take care of your home while the engineers perform their tasks.

●     Discount

Many companies give discounts in the summer to encourage customer patronage. Hence, you stand a chance of servicing your boiler cheaper in the summer.  According to the reviews, gasboilerandheatingrepair.co.uk provide the one best boiler service in London at affordable price too. Located at 49 Pendragon Rd, Bromley BR1 5JZ, United Kingdom, they can easily and quickly come to any location in London, South London and even parts of Kent. You can reach them over the phone with any questions at +44 7795 034003.

What Does A Boiler Service Entail?

It depends on your preferred servicing company, the manufacturer, and the boiler model. Nonetheless, all qualified engineers must ensure the following servicing tasks:

Visual inspection: Checking for dirt and any signs of distress.

Operation control: This includes testing all the control keys or options to guarantee safe usage.

Combustion Release: It involves ensuring there are no obstructions in the pipe that could affect its performance.

Inspecting, Cleaning, and Fixing the components: This includes cleaning components like the main burner, heat exchanger, and ignition pins. The engineer will fix the faulty parts properly.

Other boiler service checklist includes:

  • Provision of sufficient ventilation
  • Electrical wiring when necessary
  • Ensuring the best location for the boiler
  • Sealing the required parts
  • Correcting the gas and pressure flow if necessary

How much does it cost to service a boiler?

The cost of service boilers varies from one company and country to another.

One-off boiler service in the United Kingdom costs around £60 to £70. Though it appears a bit expensive, it’s nothing compared to the cost of repairing a faulty boiler.

What The Law Says about servicing a boiler

As stated earlier, servicing appliances is compulsory for all UK landlords. The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 (GSIUR), via the Gas Safe Register, commanded landlords to service all gas appliances, fittings, chimneys, and flues to guarantee safe and effective working conditions.

The law also commands they conduct new boiler service between 10 and 12 months after the last completed check. Tenants will get a Gas safety record from the landlord once the servicing is completed. All tenants are advised to check their private landlord agreement for more details.

How Often You Should Service Your Boiler?

According to the Gas Safe Register, you must service your boiler at least once in 10 months. A routine check keeps your boiler in safe and effective working conditions always. It also ensures the boiler warranty remains valid for a long time.

Who should conduct your boiler service?

A certified heating engineer whose name is on the Gas Safe register list. You need an Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC) registered engineer to service your oil-fuelled boilers.

Likewise, you should hire a Heating Equipment Testing and Approvals Scheme (HETAS) certified engineer for your bio and solid fuel boilers. Meanwhile, try one of the options below to get qualified engineers for your boiler:

●     Consult The Manufacturers:

Most boiler manufacturers have certified engineers who will install, service, and repair their products. Contact them for more information on how to benefit from their boiler services packages.

●     Contact Energy suppliers:

Established Energy Suppliers like British Gas, Scottish Power, EDF, and E-ON offer home care cover deals. Reach out to them to will get an experienced engineer for your boiler.

●     Try trusted online boiler companies:

Businesses are thriving online as companies continue to build online relevance. Reach out to Online boiler companies, such as Boxt and Heatablebook, via their web pages for more negotiations.

●     Find Physical/Independent Gas Safe Engineers:

Many IPHE (Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering) registered heating engineers are across the street. Visit their office or shops for more discussions. However, request testimonials and their certification before setting for any one of your choice.

How Long Does It Take To Service A Boiler

A boiler service is between 30 minutes and two hours, depending on the brand, age, and fixes needed.


Boiler service is mandatory and non-negotiable if you must enjoy your appliance in a safe environment. Get a certified and experienced engineer who would guarantee quality service delivery.

Meanwhile, install a carbon monoxide detector in your home. It will call your attention to any harmful chemical discharge within your compound.


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