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Different Driveway Paving Materials


Driveways ensure easy access to your home. They also form an essential focal point to the home’s exterior decor. How you build your driveway determines your home’s beauty. Some homeowners don’t often invest a lot in their driveways and end up creating the basic styles. If you want your home to be more attractive, it’s important to have a look at different driveway paving material ideas and see the one that complements your entire home. Below are some driveway ideas UK you can consider:

1. Block

The most popular driveway types you will find in most UK properties are made of blocks. Block paving is used by people who want to increase their home’s aesthetic value. Block paving driveways or forms great patios or paths. Most people in the UK prefer block paving since it’s durable and has a long lifespan. Block paving driveways also remain in good shape for long provided that the homeowner cleans and maintains the area regularly. The other advantages include offering traction and stability.

2. Concrete

Many property owners find it easy to use concrete in constructing driveways in their homes. Most UK residents are considering concrete driveways since they can be customised by incorporating different patterns depending on your preference. Again, you can also choose the color and shape in which you want your driveway constructed. Concrete driveways are very durable meaning that they can withstand heavyweights. Other advantages of concrete driveways are low installation costs and longevity.

3. Asphalt

Asphalt material has been used for the construction of driveways for many years. It’s a cheap, budget-friendly, and appealing material that gives your driveway and your entire home a beautiful look. What makes asphalt driveways appealing is that they come in a variety of colors. Other benefits of asphalt driveways are durability, low maintenance expenses, and quick installation.

4. Resin

There are two types of resin driveways i.e. bonded and bound resin driveways. People prefer resin driveways due to their distinctive properties. During the construction of a resin bound driveway, small stones are mixed with resin to get a smooth surface. This makes them water permeable. On the other hand, during the construction of bonded resin driveways, resin is poured on the ground surface and the small stones are then placed on top. Resin bound driveways are highly durable, versatile, and have a more appealing look.

5. Brick

In the past, you couldn’t find any other material on driveways apart from bricks. Today, you’ll also find brick driveways especially in properties whose owners have a sense of style. Brick driveways are easy to clean, durable, and have a long lifespan of even 100 years.

6. Gravel

Most people who are looking for a simple driveway design that is cost-effective end up choosing gravel driveways. The gravel material is very affordable and appealing provided that proper installation is done. People who want to end burglary in their properties consider gravel driveways. The reason is that they make noise when someone is walking or driving on them. Other benefits include ease of maintenance and quick installation.

In conclusion, these are some of the top materials used for the construction of driveways in the UK. Others include glass, tar, and chip.


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