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Money Saving Ideas For Your Bedroom Decoration


Are you having a hard time with decorating your bedroom whilst remaining on a budget? All it takes is thinking outside of the box and adopting a few designs to turn your space into a haven in no time. So in this article, we have compiled a definitive list of money-saving ideas for your bedroom decoration, bought to you by Builders in North London. Make sure to read until the very end to find out what these are!

Full-Length Mirror

Full-length mirrors are the tried-and-true way to brighten a windowless bedroom and to make the room appear bigger than it actually is. Additionally, mounting a full-length mirror horizontally beside your bed works more than just a decorative accent as it also serves as a functional space for make-up, hair, and other long-range use, like helping you to coordinate outfits.

Repaint Walls

A new coat of paint on your bedroom walls can help repel all the dirt and reduce the added weight that can put stress on your room’s structural integrity. Another tip is to make a fake headboard using a few coats of paint instead of purchasing expensive headboards that can cause you a lot of money. Extending paint from the walls up onto the overhead and eaves can also make the room extra cosy.

Mounted Fixture

Although bedrooms are primarily for sleeping, you’ll still be needing enough light for dressing, while at the same time, keeping the tone cosy and relaxing. The gentle, downward lighting provided by these mounted fixtures can highlight a broader area and help illuminate your room. Furthermore, having varied lighting sources in your bedroom can also provide layers of light in different areas of the room for different tasks, like a corner for a computer desk, a writing table, or a reading nook.

Window Curtains

Curtains and drapes are probably the most inexpensive way to decorate a dull bedroom. With the vast range of colour options, styles, and materials available, you have the freedom to choose curtain panels that match your preference as well as the interior of your room.

Bedsheets & Covers

As the focal point of your bedroom, sheets are especially important for both aesthetics and functionality purposes when it comes to decorating your bedroom. Choosing the right bedsheet is extremely important since the material of your bedding makes a huge difference in the quality of your sleep. It is also to be noted that bedsheets today have the power to make or break the overall look of your bedroom.

Bedroom Shelves

Whether placed units or the ones you put on your walls, bedroom shelves are as varied as the things you put on them. You can create a visual appeal and offer an area for decorative items by placing these shelves on either side of the bed or elsewhere in the room.

Wall Artworks

With the right wall art, you can create a finishing element that brings the room’s decor and colour palette harmoniously together. You can also follow the “rule of threes” where you hang multiple, uniform-sized picture frames, with simple artwork side-by-side above your bed to fill-up empty space when you can’t afford big pieces of expensive art.


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