Home Construction Do New Build Homes Come With TV Aerial?

Do New Build Homes Come With TV Aerial?


Most home builders provide an aerial socket and the coax cable with the property. They leave the task of TV aerial installation to the person moving into the new home. Choose the right company “TV aerial installation Southend” to enjoy many benefits.

You may need help with TV aerial installation. A TV aerial installation company can help you fit TV viewing inputs in your new home. They will put up the cables well, move your sky dish, and distribute the signal throughout your home.

Some new build homes are not fit for external TV aerials, and they may need a loft installation. One can install loft aerials with no challenges. You may also need a masthead amplifier.

Choosing the right TV aerial installation company will help you avoid many issues. You will not plug and find no TV signal after your move. This issue can be problematic if you are already having a bad day.

How Can You Choose the Right TV Aerial Installation Company?

Consider these aspects to choose the right company.

  • Expertise: The company should have the essential skills and qualifications. These skills enable them to advise you well. They will help you distinguish an old aerial from a new one. This distinction can help you, as new TV aerial installation is expensive. The company will also guide you on various issues, such as brands, dish size, and different installation types. They should have the essential tools for the job.
  • Guarantees: What guarantees does the company provide for its services? Will they offer refunds or free repairs if it is not a success? Some companies may not have these guarantees. Research and compare different TV aerial installation companies to make the right choice.
  • Reviews: Past clients’ opinions can guide your decision making. The right company should have excellent reviews. Most clients should be happy with their services. If there are any complaints, the company should be quick to address them. A reputable company will ensure the installation is a success, and you will enjoy their customer service.
  • Prices: Companies offer different services at different rates. Some may be cheap, but they do not provide the services you need. Compare the charges for many companies to settle on the fair price for the service you need. You may also discuss some discounts with the company offering TV aerial installation Southend.
  • Ask questions: Visit the company’s premises and ask questions once you narrow your options. The company should answer your questions. Choose them if their answers satisfy you, and you are confident that they will deliver as expected. You may consider your options if they are not forthcoming or their responses lead to more unanswered questions than answered ones.

Moving into a new home may require different considerations. TV aerial installation can be one of them, but the right company can help with this issue. The right company offers affordable, reliable, and expert TV aerial installation services. They have an excellent reputation, and they help you avoid signal issues in the new home.


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