Home Construction The Future of Home Construction – Structurally Insulated Panels

The Future of Home Construction – Structurally Insulated Panels


In recent years the home improvement market has been taken by storm by a new construction practice that boasts all of the benefits that the modern homeowner is looking for. Offering high-quality insulation, top-class noise cancellation and the ability to finish off the walls with any coating imaginable, it’s no surprise that the market for structurally insulated panels is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.5% from 2021 to 2028. 

Key Advantages of Structurally Insulated Panels

Structurally insulated panels offer a whole range of benefits to both the construction companies that help put them together and most importantly to the end-user. Whether you are looking for a sleek home extension to build on the beautiful home you already have or a stunning garden house that can be converted into the perfect little bar for lovely summer evenings with your friends and family, these panels offer it all. 

Domestic Home Improvement Market

As a homeowner, there are several factors that you would like to keep an eye on when investing in a home extension, the most important of them being insulation. Luckily, SIP panels are designed with a layer of high-quality insulation which allows you to keep the cold air out in the winter and the heating in. Not only will this help keep your living space at the perfect temperature but it will also allow you to keep your heating bills down. 

The overall aesthetics are always going to be the deciding factor behind any home improvement solution, how good will it looks when put alongside the rest of the property. Well, these SIP panels can be made and cut to order so your requirements can be followed down to a tee. This means you have no limits on the number of windows and doorways your home extension or garden house has. Better yet, brick finished can be applied to complement the rest of the property effortlessly. 

Commercial Home Improvement Market

Every company will be looking for the best and fastest way to complete the home improvements work. This is why SIP panels are fast becoming the number one solution chosen by companies. SIP prefabricated homes can be purchased which mean on-site work is kept to a minimum and its a case of laying the foundation, putting the structure together and watching the new extension, or home to come together in a matter of days. By keeping the time spent on-site to a minimum you can maximise profits. 

Mistakes within this industry can be extremely costly. By making one wrong measurement at the start or misplace one brick, the whole structure can be compromised requiring in the need for a fresh start. SIP panels are constructed offsite meaning that quality is assured. All you need to do on your end is to provide them with the requirements and they will take care of constructing all the panels. SIP panels allow you to reduce the chance of human error and make sure that all of your building supplies are of the same high quality. 

Are Structurally Insulated Panels The Right Option For You? 

If your a homeowner who is looking for a relatively low-cost project which will help to improve property value and the overall experience of living there, well then SIP panels are the right option for you. They do tick all the boxes that you would expect from a modern build and there are no real limits to what can be done with them. Take the next step forward and invest in your dream home today. 


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