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How to Improve Security Measures on Your Construction Site

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Construction is one of the most significant business sectors worldwide, with the industry’s gross value increasing by four billion pounds sterling as of 2021. With hundreds of building sites being approved each day, they are one of the most notable sights of our modern world, but due to their open nature and the amount of high-value goods used, they’re often prime targets for thieves.

To minimise any damage done, it is crucial that construction site managers put adequate security measures in place. However, far too many rely on security cameras and overlook other deterrents, such as K9 dog security, installing barriers, using on-site storage, and much more. To make the security measures at your site more proactive, we outline several suggestions below:

Consider Security Dogs

Chances are that you’ve probably heard of around-the-clock security guards, but you’re probably less familiar with using canine security services. Typically seen at festival venues or airport security, canine security services can be an excellent addition to your construction site’s security measures for various reasons.

From having superior senses that can sniff out intruders or health and safety hazards to acting as a visual deterrent for passers-by, security dog patrols like the ones offered by React K9 can give your construction site an added sense of security.

Consider finding out more about the benefits of K9 dog security by visiting their website, where you can also read client testimonials, security-related news, and much more. Use the contact form on their website to get in touch with a dedicated team member today, and see how their K9 dog security services could help improve security measures on your construction site.

Create A Security Plan

Aside from putting physical security measures in place, it is essential that you devise a security plan for your construction site before implementing anything else. In this plan, you should draw out a map of your site’s perimeter, list all your assets, pinpoint all the site’s weak points, and much more.

As well as making an initial security plan, it would be best to devise an emergency security plan which will cover you, your staff, and your construction site in the event of an emergency or disaster. This will cover everything from site evacuation, appointing an emergency contact, shelter from adverse weather conditions, lockdown, and much more.

Suppose you’d like to make a more robust security plan. In that case, you could consider enlisting the services of third-party security companies that can help you identify your strengths, weakness, and any other areas you might’ve missed.

Schedule Deliveries Carefully

Another way to improve the security measures on your construction site is by carefully scheduling your deliveries so that they only arrive when you need them and when someone trustworthy is on site.

This is essential, as when you order in bulk, you’ll have excess materials around the site that are costly and attractive to thieves.  By not scheduling your deliveries, you invite criminals into your site, as it can be extremely challenging to monitor loose materials. 

To prevent this, schedule your deliveries as and when you need them so that the risk of theft is mitigated and you don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on the abundance of materials waiting to be used.


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