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5 Things to Consider When Designing an Office for Productivity


Are you designing a new office, or you plan to renovate the current one? Apart from considering aesthetics when designing the workspace, you also want the users to feel comfortable. The design is modern but intuitive enough for the players to enjoy spending time on the website.

That should be your goal for the office, too. If you manage to find a way for the employees to love being there, that will also increase their productivity. That means you can look for the best online casinos sites and enjoy playing your favorite games while knowing your company’s results are better than ever.

Here are some things to consider when designing an office to maximize productivity!

Do You Need an Open Office?

Although the open concept is modern, their contribution to productivity is questionable. That is because open offices contribute to noise and interruptions. An employee might be focused on the task at hand, but other people’s conversations and other things happening disrupt that focus. 

That is why it is crucial for each worker to have a portion of space for themselves. Whether that will be an individual office or a partition of the common area, it should secure privacy and remain interruption-free.

You can also consider allowing employees to wear noise-canceling headphones. If you can’t find a way to reduce the noise, letting them tune out can make them more productive. 

Finally, when designing your office layout, try to analyze the movement of your employees. First, if they want to talk to a colleague, they should be able to walk to them without disturbing other people. Also, if a staff member wants to go outside for a cigarette or walk, they should have a disruption-free path to the exit.  

Split Your Office into Zones

We already established that each employee should have a private zone. They use it whenever they need to isolate and focus on completing assignments. 

The modern approach to design also requires implementing other zones. These might include:

  • Team zone – whenever the staff needs to meet to discuss future tasks and assignments, they can use this zone.
  • Relaxation zone – it can be a small kitchen where employees could relax, drink coffee, or eat meals. Alternatively, you can add an entertaining twist to it by including pinball, foosball, and other games. 
  • Resting zone – if your staff is spending the entire day at work, how about letting them take a nap? Taking a short nap can increase their productivity in the long run. You can also consider adding dumbbells and treadmills when they need to run off some steam. 

Did You Secure Natural Sunlight?

Is it possible to find a source that will bring daylight into your workspace? Experts advise ensuring your employees are exposed to natural sunlight whenever feasible. That is why installing oversized windows has become the latest trend in the office designing industry.

The science also supports exposure to daylight. It improves the mood of your employees while assisting in lowering blood pressure. That also ensures they will feel less stressful than usual, which brings us back to improved productivity. 

Are you having trouble installing additional windows or finding ways to increase sunlight exposure? How about using reflective surfaces like mirrors to boost the presence of daylight? If you have no other options, try adding lightbulbs that replicate daylight’s appearance. 

Adding Plants Makes Everyone Feel Better

Plants are another way to boost the aesthetic value of your office. During the day, plants also help clean the air, which can reduce the risk of sickness. You shouldn’t underestimate the fact that the workspace will look more attractive to clients and prospective job applicants.

While we are on the topic of clean air, you can consider installing an air purifier. Even if smoking is not allowed, it is still important to purify the air. Finally, don’t forget to maintain an optimal temperature. If your employees are too cold or hot, that compromises their productivity and focus.

Place an Office Community Board

Community boards are an excellent way to communicate, but also strengthen the bond between the staff. Consider placing a community board in the middle of the workspace. You can split it into several sections, with the central one designed for official documents, announcements, etc. That way, the employees will know where to find the latest policy changes and anything else you want to tell them. 

You can also add a section for work-related messages between the employees. They could place reminders of the work that needs to be done or share ideas. Finally, don’t forget a so-called “relaxed section.” Here is where anyone could place jokes, motivation messages, and anything else they feel like sharing. 

Once you install the community board, try to breathe life into it. Start posting cute and funny photos yourself, and others will join soon. 


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