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4 UK Industries That Are Booming in 2020


The start of the new decade will have industries across the country preparing for the unexpected as the rest of 2020 will surely throw out some surprises when it comes to who will see success.

Specific industries and companies across the country have already experienced growth, such as the best UK online casino – Mansion and will look to carry on their boom well into the remainder of the year.

Here, we’ll take a look at four UK industries that are experiencing their own boom and are expected to come out on top at 2020’s end, making it a pivotal year for them.

Immersive technology

Virtual reality and augmented reality saw steady growth in 2019 but are surprising experts within the field in the first couple of months of 2020.

The success of VR in the world of video games has seen immersive technology embraced by other sectors, who are incorporating some form of it in their services or experiences.

Incorporating images seamlessly into business meetings, new health methods and even military training has seen this industry expand to places no one expected, resulting in massive growth for the developers of both the hardware and the programmes running on it.

Food delivery services

It seems that a new delivery service, especially within the food and hospitality sector, is popping up every day. With many workers opting to become delivery drivers as a means to choose their own working hours, this industry has grew exponentially.

The success of outlets such as Uber Eats or Deliveroo, who have merged what was once two separate entities – aggregators and delivery services – into a single place where a user can search for, decide and place an order on food has proved that industries making these everyday experiences more convenient are leading the line for success.

App development

As expected, developing software for phones and tablets is as booming as ever and it isn’t expected to go away anytime soon.

The recent change in this industry is the democratisation of the app development process, with the micro-credentials and means to learn how to develop open to anyone thanks to a rise in the demand learning new skills with online classes.

There are millions of apps available to download on the apple or google store, with most of them coming from independent sources who seek to gain audience and revenue by developing the world’s next big thing, which is why we’re seeing so much money being generated by this industry.

Online gambling

As we’ve seen the slow disappearance of land-based casinos so we’ve seen the steady rise of web-based casinos, which at this point are some of the most frequently visited places on the internet.

Despite the always looming threat of regulation, the gambling industry has always seen success and the new developments in technology have seen it find a lavish new home in the online world.

With hundreds of UK-based casinos to choose from along with both old favourites and new twists on the games they offer, it’s no wonder this industry is finding new life in age so reliant on the digital world.


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