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Essential Guide to Hiring Civil Engineers for Construction Projects


If your startup is connected with the construction industry, you should hire the best civil engineers to bring your innovation to life. Hire them using the guide below!

When small business or startup owners hire civil engineers, they are eager to find not only experienced specialists with innovative thinking but save budget on construction projects. If the last wish can be implemented for a shorter period via certain calculations and financial risk prediction, the hiring process requires more time and effort.

The reason for that is that truly top civil engineers (that can design win-win solutions to keep up with the latest trend of building green infrastructure) are in extremely high demand, which may make it challenging to hire the best civil engineer for your project.

They expect that the outlook for civil engineers is to grow by 7% between 2021 and 2026. Consequently, this will lead to great talent competition among big product companies, small businesses, and startups.

In case to win that competition, business owners should know how to recruit such talents. In this article, we will provide you with a guide to cope with the task!

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Choose the Relevant Type of Engineers in the Construction Industry

Before initiating the hiring procedure, small business or startup owners should determine what kind of engineer they need for construction projects.

Frequently, business owners (even quite experienced in hiring) mix among a civil, structural, geological engineer, and an architect. As a result, the dynamics of their construction projects come to a halt. Let’s clarify this difference.

Both civil and structural engineers possess a Civil Engineering degree. However, a structural engineer goes further by getting post-graduate studies in structural engineering. The last accentuates analysis of the materials implemented in the design, production, and service support of synthetic structures and the ways those components and materials “collaborate” with each other to a structure safety.

Civil engineers develop and control the building procedure of edifices, industrial/commercial structures, airports, roadways, and so on.

A structural engineer is primarily a civil engineer and can handle both functions in developments, monitoring missions, and certifications. At the same time, a civil engineer is everything that business owners would need for the actual realization of the solution.

Small business or startup owners require hiring an architect when they desire to receive support regarding the design of the structure. Such engineering specialists ensure that a certain construction solution is aesthetically satisfying.

To design a brand new solution that should be truly advanced, they need to hire a geological engineer. The last provide clients with a solid foundation for the future construction solution. Such specialists will consult for you to make sure that the land you intend to construct on can support the new structure.

You see, there exist various reasons why business owners want to hire civil engineers for construction projects. In case they are performing any remodeling or renovation, this, as a rule, requires an engineering specialist to analyze the strategy. The same happens if they are designing an addition for the key edifice and introducing significant structural modifications to the home.

Now, let’s consider several useful tips regarding the hiring of civil engineers.

Compose a Simple but Catchy Project Description

Chances for business owners to attract the best civil engineers rise if they prepare a killer presentation of the future solution. Though this is quite a serious task, still, this is a brilliant opportunity to play itself out and show off your individuality in the competition with other employers.

It is nice to get into details about the solution. You should also compose a list of your requirements for the civil engineering role within your project. For instance, business owners should point out if a potential candidate will be engaged in a close partnership with an architect or even a contractor on the job.

Places to Find and Hire Civil Engineers

The goal which is hard to achieve is finding a talented civil engineer. As it was mentioned earlier, the demand for such specialists is great, so, where do business owners find them?

In case you desire to start online, it is a good option to try “old war-horse” LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Upwork or you can use several specific platforms that specifically pair civil engineering contractors with certain construction projects. They can check more about that here.

A successful strategy would be to ask for referrals from your acquaintances in the engineering sphere. They often work with their colleagues on various projects and will be able to recommend several names to hire.

Don’t Forget to Ask for a Portfolio

Finally, they should focus on one more thing. Before hiring a civil engineer, business owners should get proof that candidates have relevant qualifications and experience. It can be easily checked by asking civil engineers to show off their previous solutions. You may even contact their previous employers to understand their working style.


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