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How to use Instagram as a graphic designer? – Buy Instagram likes and more


Instagram has become one of the most celebrated social media platforms today! Hence, most graphic designers as visual creatives have shifted to this platform and have started using it more than ever.

Instagram can inspire several creative designers in many ways to promote their works and also network with other prominent and like-minded individuals. It helps them to increase their follower count, and Instagram likes as well.

Instagram likes are one of the essential ingredients that everyone wants to acquire. While there are organic ways to attract this, you can also buy Instagram likes. Today, there are service providers that help you to purchase the amount of Instagram likes that you want. You can select the number of likes and pay affordably. It helps to add to your organic likes as well. Graphic designers who want more social media mileage can opt for this as well.

Understanding Instagram

Instagram is a popular video and photos social networking application, available on Apple IOS, Windows, and Android devices. Facebook Inc presently owns the social networking service of Instagram. Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom initially created it was initially launched on Apple IOS back in October 2010.

It was in April 2012 that a version for Android devices got released. Later the same got released for Windows 10 in October 2016. Instagram enables its users and graphic designers to upload images and videos and share them with their followers. Graphic designers and other users can also see what people in their networks share and can like and comment on the posts. Several filters allow you to edit the pictures. You can also organize your post using location data and other tags.

Instagram as a service has been improving and adding new features so that the app is helpful to others. Graphic designers can use the following features of Instagram to connect and network.

  • Instagram Direct

It was in December 2013; Instagram came up with its Instagram Direct feature. It enables graphic designers and users to interact with others through private messaging. When a graphic designer gets a personal message from someone they don’t follow, the message gets marked as pending. Also, the graphic designer gets the option to accept the same to check the message.

Instagram Direct also allows the users to share hashtag pages, images, locations, and profiles with a group of 15 users or one user, directly from someone’s newsfeed. You can access it from the inbox icon present in the upper right-hand corner of the Instagram interface.

That is not all! Instagram Direct enables you to have a one-to-one or a four-way group video chat with other users. You can get a real-time video experience in a private setting. It allows graphic designers to talk to their friends or other designers about their projects and various creative ideas.

  • Instagram Stories

The other exciting feature of this app is Instagram Stories. Here the graphic designers can use pictures and videos in a sequential feed, and each of these posts or Instagram stories is available for others to view for 24 hours. The stories don’t get removed or deleted forever. They get pinned to the individual profile and get added to a later stage, with 100 being the maximum. It is an excellent way for promoting content and campaigns that you want your audience to check out.

The best appeal of Instagram Stories is that they disappear after 24 hours, and it doesn’t have to be of very high quality. The main objective was lessening the pressure present with sharing content online and urging people to share more. The Instagram Stories feature has become very popular, and already 500 million people use it every day.

  • IGTV

The other feature that is well-known for video is IGTV. It’s a product similar to YouTube, which is a vertical video app. Instagram came up with this feature back in June 2018, and it enables people to upload their videos.

The graphic designers with regular accounts can post a video on IGTV that is 10 minutes long. However, the verified accounts can share 60 minutes videos. In IGTV, you need to shoot the video and see it in a vertical format. It gets done to complement and stay in sync with the way people hold their mobiles and operate.

  • Instagram Questions

Instagram Questions got introduced in July 2018. This feature enables the graphic designers and other users to answer questions that their followers have posted or shared. However, the questions aren’t anonymous. When a question gets sent to a person, they can repost the same in their stories and share the answer without tagging the person who initially asked the question. It is a feature popular with social media influencers.

Why is Instagram essential for designers?

Instagram is a visual platform. Hence, it doesn’t come with a big surprise as to why graphic designers are drawn to it. It can help them to build their online portfolio and also showcase their excellent graphic design work. It also helps them to check out other designers and get their daily dose of inspiration. Instagram is also a popular platform for engaging with one’s audience and developing a network. If done correctly, it can help graphic designers succeed in their careers and social media.

The advantages of using Instagram as a graphic designer

Every business owner is searching for ways to stand out! Graphic designers find it challenging to stand out and also search for new clients. The social media platforms provide ample scopes for graphic designers to stand out, showcase their work, and get noticed. Instagram offers a real visual opportunity for graphic designers and enables them to leverage the same.

Hence, graphic designers should develop a distinct style when they post on Instagram. It will help others to identify them from a list of other graphic designers. It will make more people search for a specific graphic designer and check their work. Hence, graphic designers should use the features mentioned above and develop a unique style on Instagram.


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