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Tips to Improve Your Space

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These basement-organizing ideas will help you make the most of your space, so that it’s not only functional and lovely to be in but also gives you a return on your investment. If you are considering transforming an unfinished basement into a habitable zone, or even excavating to create one for a home built without, these clever basement ideas will be essential. Decorating a basement or converting it into a livable space is a great way to add living space without adding on to your home.

Choose lighting for your basement carefully.

While your basement lighting ideas may be compromised by the height of a ceiling, wherever possible, design them as you would plan living room lighting. When choosing art for your home, think about more than just the piece’s technical merits. Consider its mood, its atmosphere, and how it fits into your overall decorating scheme. So, if you have ceiling lights, consider wall lights, table and floor lamps, and directional lights to brighten up your space.

Keep the flooring of your basement warm and light-reflecting.

The flooring in your basement needs to be tough because it’s likely used for everything from get-togethers to watch sports (think: family room ideas for inspiration) through to storage for all that clutter you can’t find space for upstairs. The flooring also needs to reflect light to make the space feel brighter, and it needs a warm tone if you want to make the room(s) feel welcoming. It’s a good idea to choose a wood floor that runs throughout. Real wood looks lovely, but engineered wood can be just as beautiful. Both types of wood can be refinished if they need updating.

Natural light is the most beautiful.

One of the most important small basement ideas to incorporate into your design is increasing natural light. This can be done by lighting the basement with toplight, via roof windows, glazed exterior panels, or even open trends and glass balustrades on your basement staircase. It is particularly important when you are considering basement office ideas.

Add a light well to the house

If you have a basement, consider adding glazed light wells to bring in top light and expand the basement floor space beyond the footprint of your house. You can also opt for an interior light well near to a window on the ground floor. Top light can be used to illuminate a basement and can be put to good use by adding a luxury bathroom or simply as storage space.

Get creative with ways to use basement storage space.

A basement bedroom should be well-planned and have adequate storage. Built-in shelving, cupboards with space-efficient sliding doors or beneath lift-up lids in seating are all great options if you have little floor space within a games room or living space. In bedrooms used only by guests, the closets can be replaced with peg rails, while a storage bed at the bottom of the bed frame can store out-of-season clothes and other items.

Make your space comfortable and relaxing.

Basement conversions are a great way to add fun-to-have spaces to a home that you can’t sacrifice space to on the first floor. If you plan to convert your basement into an entertainment room, bear in mind that you may need to create extra head height for a successful basement remodel.

Install a basement bar 

A basement bar can be one of the most fun basement ideas. The perfect family – and friends – hangout space, a basement bar combines gaming with drinking games and other entertainment. To create this type of room, you should have an emergency exit in case of fire, ensure there is enough ventilation, and design lighting in layers so that you can conjure up just the right atmosphere.


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