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Robust, Resistant and Durable Composite Doors – What to Know?


Composite front doors are conquering the market with the wealth of benefits they offer to the potential buyers. Simple to maintain, extremely durable, resistant to elements and available in a variety of styles, colours and finishes. When it comes to composite doors, Ireland is surely a large target market. That is why we have decided to ask some questions to the Sales Team from Fenbro, one of the most renowned suppliers of high quality joinery in the country.

Composite doors vs normal doors – main differences

According to the experts from Fenbro Sales Team, the main difference lies in the materials used: while normal doors are made of one type of material only (timber, uPVC, steel, aluminium etc), composite doors come in a wide variety of combinations of different materials in a single door. All other differences (eg. durability, thermal insulation or customisation options) are simply a consequence of the latter. A good example would be a composite door made of aluminium frame and a fibreglass composite with a carbon coating.

Composite front doors – advantages

Composite Crittall doors offer several benefits when installed. Here’s a brief list of the main advantages:

  • significantly improved security – there’s no doubt that quality composite front doors will be a very tough nut to crack, even for an experienced burglar. Depending on the combination of the materials used, composite doors can have a very high anti-burglary class (a good example are WikÄ™d ALU-HYBRID composite doors with the RC2 certificate), providing effective protection for you and your family;
  • increased longevity – high durability of materials used in the construction of composite doors translates into an average life expectancy of about 35 years (when properly maintained, they will most likely last even longer than that), making composite front doors a very good long-term investment;
  • high resistance to fading – composite doors are pretty much completely resistant to weather conditions and elements, and will not fade over time;
  • unparalleled thermal efficiency – while not all composite front doors provide the same level of thermal efficiency, there’s no doubt that the quality ones are extremely energy efficient, and their outstanding thermal insulation will give you a chance to save some significant amount of money on energy bills;
  • a variety of choices and versions – when it comes to customising, there’s no better choice than composite doors.. The customisation option  of course affects the final price, but as a result you can get almost anything you imagine and make a lasting impression on all guests visiting your home.

Fenbro – high quality composite doors and other joinery products

Fenbro is a dynamic, fast-developing company with a strong focus on providing the highest quality services and products to B2B and B2C customers in Ireland and several other large markets. All the composite doors available in the current Fenbro offer come from the top-notch Polish joinery manufacturers, and can be tailored to the customers’ needs and expectations. In regard to the composite front doors, Ireland is the only country where Fenbro provides its services as a complete package: from products, delivery and installation to guarantee and after-sales support.

More information about Fenbro services and products is available on the company’s website: https://fenbro.com/


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