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Bungalow Loft Conversion Ideas to try in 2020


A loft conversion is one of the current trending ideas since it not only adds more space but also increases the value of the home. There are different loft conversion types you can try out, but if you want to get the most out of the conversion, you should work with a professional who has knowledge and expertise in the area. Loft conversions by Create Room have been known to be some of the best, so you should work with them if you want the best outcome. Having the best conversion ideas is also essential, whether you are working with a service provider or not.

Consider all the factors

Before starting the conversion, you have to consider all the factors that will affect the process. These factors include the minimum head height, the structural strength of the building, and the roof. The size of the space to be also converted matters. Make sure you check the building regulations for the exact measurements but keep in mind that what you want to convert the loft to will depend on how big it is. Smaller spaces can be easily turned into the children’s playroom, an office, or even a small bedroom. Bigger rooms will also look better if converted into two smaller rooms instead of one bigger one. Small rooms will go well with brighter lights and warmer colours while bigger ones will look better with softer lighting, but the colours can still be bright to lighten up the room.

Include furniture in your design

When picturing the layout, you must include the furniture set up. Picture the results you’ll get once the conversion is finished and determine whether you’ll need a bathroom. Think about other factors like built-in storage, shower, and other features that will affect the headspace then compare them with the ceiling height to come up with the perfect design.

Allow enough daylight

One of the best bungalow loft conversion ideas is allowing enough natural light in especially if you install a staircase. Enough light will brighten up the stairs and make them look larger and less cramped. If windows cannot be positioned in a way that allows natural light in, consider installing spotlights on the stirs and painting the walls white colours. Window placement will depend on the type of room. For instance, if the room is long and shallow, the window should be installed along the room length, but if the room is deep, you can have one large window.

Use the loft conversion as a proportional tool

To make the loft conversion more functional, consider turning it into what is lacking in your home. For example, if you have enough living space and bedrooms already, you can use the conversion to create a home office. However, if you live in a scenic area and want to get better views, then the loft conversion can be used to create a smaller living space. Other ideas include creating a walk-in closet, dressing room, children’s bedrooms or playroom, and a shower room or bathroom. When creating storage space, try to use the right measurements and designs that include using awkward spaces.


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