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How to renovate a kitchen on a budget


Kitchen renovation is necessary because this room is one of the busiest spots in the home. From time to time, you may want to change the whole interior design and supply new appliances to meet the modern spacious kitchen standard.

However, the cost of renovating the kitchen in the UK for instance is why many homeowners have decided to do nothing about their kitchens. If this is you too, it will interest you to know that regardless of your budget, you can still find a way to refurbish your kitchen. Yes, it doesn’t have to cost you your life savings.

There are some tricks and simple strategies you can apply to renovate your kitchen and make it a modernized, appealing, and eye-catching centre in the house all within your budget. With this, you’ll have more money after the renovation, which you can still use to restock your kitchen. Here are some hacks to renovating a kitchen within your budget, graciously provided by Surrey’s best kitchen and bedroom renovation pros from AceKitchens:

1. Stick to the initial kitchen layout

Maybe the thought of a new kitchen design and appliances has been running through your head and you wish to rip out the old kitchen exterior wall, cabinet doors, and other appliances.

However, you need to know that changing your kitchen’s original layout and plumbing might not be the best option because it will cost more money, which could have been used to purchase other items.

Instead, arranging all kitchen appliances to give more space will perform some magic. You can do that by moving your dishwasher to different sides of the sink with minimal effort. You maintain the same layout, but upgrade cabinets, tiles, benchtops, and other appliances to save the cost of renovation.

2. Replacing or rejuvenating kitchen cabinet doors

Replacing or rejuvenating the kitchen cabinet door is one of the few tricks that work well in transforming your kitchen to your desired taste. This is not costly, you can either replace it with a new one or rejuvenate it by repainting the cabinet. But before the application of paint, ensure the surface is fixed first.

It’s best to paint the cabinet doors with white paint because it will give the doors a glowing appearance. However, you can go for other colours such as blue, grey, or green.

When doing a cabinet makeover, ensure you replace the handle to give a more pleasant look. Also, check out the price when buying a new one and choose the one that corresponds with your budget.

3. Repainting

Before embarking on repainting your kitchen walls and other areas, ensure you do a thorough check to see whether a new colour will create the effect you want or if it is a colour that will give your kitchen a glowing look. You can then proceed to repaint your door, ceiling, and window frames with a couple of coats of neutral, white, or bright colour.

Select blending colours that give a ravishing look and can catch attention at a glimpse. If it is timber panelling, you will need to apply a tannin blocker and stain first to give a great view. You don’t have to call a painter to do it for you, to stay within your budget. However, if you don’t have any idea about painting, you can call a professional to do it for you at a low cost.

4. Refurbish the appliances

In the past, many appliances are taken to landfills during kitchen renovation which cost quite a fortune. Fortunately, homeowners now have the opportunity of refurbishing their appliances without any hassles.

All kitchen appliances can now be fixed with the help of an online service part marketplace. The appliances will look like new ones after fixing.

You don’t have to spend a dime on paying an expert or buying new appliances. Examples of appliances that can be refurbished include a refrigerator, water softener, water heater, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and microwave.

5. Assemble and install your kitchen cabinet

Sometimes, refreshing your kitchen cabinet can be impossible. In such a case it is necessary to assemble your kitchen cabinet and start the installation of a new one. However, examine the cabinet first if it can be re-stained or refaced. If that will not be possible proceed with the installation of the new cabinet.

Assembling a kitchen cabinet doesn’t require any technical knowledge, you can do it yourself without hiring any expert services. However, if you know it would be a problem fitting them yourself you can buy a pre-assembled kitchen cabinet to save you time and prevent frustration.

6. Replacing or re-painting the kitchen floor

During kitchen renovation, you don’t have to spend exorbitant money on the kitchen floor and tiles to make it look exceptional. If it’s mandatory to change your kitchen tiles or floor, try to shop around and find quality similar tiles for a lesser price. In other words, if your kitchen floor is made up of old wood, you can consider painting it, to give it a more elegant look. This will save you a lot of cost than replacing the whole wood.

However, it should be noted that the flooring must be functional, and water-resistant so that it won’t absorb water and spillage. Else, it will lead to additional repair and maintenance costs in the future. You will achieve a great kitchen transformation if you decide on using budget-friendly tiles with unique quality or repainting old floors.

7. Replace your kitchen worktop

Replacing your kitchen worktop is also another efficient means of giving your kitchen a new lease of life. You don’t have to replace everything in your kitchen, bringing in a new kitchen worktop will incur a wonderful effect on your kitchen. You are indeed trying to cut the cost, but it’s not just the materials that dictate the price of a kitchen worktop.

The type of worktop will impose more cost than mere looking at the materials. A marble or granite worktop is trickier than a laminated worktop and therefore will cost more money in the process of installation. So, just go for a kitchen worktop that will stay within your budget.


You can get a modern well-equipped kitchen you desire without spending more than your budget all by applying the above tricks. Kitchen renovation is necessary but doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. If you’d like to get your kitchen renovated at affordable rates, make sure to call the experts at AceKitchens Surrey located at 6 Woodcote Mews, Wallington SM6 8RB, United Kingdom or give them a call at +44 800 107 8763.


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