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Smashing Myths About Timber Windows


Window decoration has a big impact on how our home looks and how you feel in it. There is nothing surprising here: window frames and sashes are eye-catching, whether you are outside or inside. This makes people wonder which window options really deserve their attention.

Popular plastic models are not always the best choice. Natural wood window frames seem too expensive and impractical, but this is a misconception. Affordable wooden windows that emphasize the originality and style are ready to offer the Chameleon company.

1. Timber window is too expensive

Those who have faced difficulties in choosing windows mistakenly believe that items made of natural wood are too expensive. In fact, this assumption has nothing to do with reality. Wooden windows, although they are more expensive than plastic ones, boast advantages that distinguish them from PVC:

  1. Long service life. Correct cate for wooden sashes will help you protect the material from destruction. Thus, wooden windows will last about 60 years, during which they can be repainted and renewed. In other words, such an investment will be profitable.
  2. Durability. Durable wood used to make wooden windows is able to withstand much heavier loads. Deformation is excluded, since the material is coated with special solutions for additional protection.
  3. Nice look. Wooden sashes look great, which is very helpful during a house sale. The visual appeal creates a special character of a building that cannot be ignored.

It’s not difficult to contact specialists to repair timber windows. The recovery period is about 2 days.

2. Repairing timber window is hard work

Wooden windows don’t need frequent painting or repair. Subject to proper care, replacement of the window frame will not be required earlier than 10 years after their installation. The wood is painted at the factory, so installation won’t take much time.

To apply a new layer of paint and varnish, you won’t have to put too much effort: it’s enough to level the surface, sand problem areas and then apply a layer of paint. There is no need to make repairs, because during the operation the windows remain in perfect condition.

3. Timber windows are less secure than plastic

The reliability of plastic windows is nothing more than an exaggeration to increase their sales. Wood is able to compete with its main competitor for the title of the most reliable material. It’s hard to deny it. The reliability requirements of timber windows are governed by building safety regulations.

Compliance with the basic standards is a good reason to trust licensed manufacturers. If you refuse to install wooden windows in favour of alleged security, you take great risks. Moreover, here is another point to consider. Window frames are made of natural wood, which is safe for residents and the environment. The same cannot be said about PVC windows. This fact indicates that the reliability and safety of wooden sashes should not be in question.

4. Wood windows aren’t energy efficient

The installation of wooden windows seems to be a dubious decision due to drafts that increase the consumption of electricity or other energy resources. In practice, it has been proven that timely repair and fixing of flaws allows not only to extend the service life but also to reduce costs on energy.

Double or triple glazing reduces heat loss in the cold season, and the absence of drafts helps to avoid wasted energy. The energy efficiency of wooden windows remains undeniable if the owner monitors their condition.

To ensure proper maintenance, it is enough to inspect window frames once a year and fix any defects found. Repairs will be required about 10 years after the installation, and during this period, you will notice a decrease in energy consumption for house heating.

5. Timber windows have a negative impact on climate change

Fear for the environment makes people look for problems where there is none. Wooden windows don’t contribute to climate change, since this material is natural, environmentally friendly and safe.

Direct sunlight on unprotected areas will not catalyze chemical reactions. When heated, wood doesn’t emit harmful substances, therefore the impact on the climate remains at a minimum level. Plastic windows cannot boast of the same properties, so it is worth making a choice in favour of wooden sash windows.


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