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Benefits of Plant Hire for Construction Work

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Within the construction industry, plant hire and machinery are extremely common, and for good reason too. Whether you’re looking for micro diggers, mini diggers, or alternate plant hire options, there is likely to be a perfect choice for your type of construction project. But, why would you hire plant machinery over purchasing machinery outright?

In this latest blog post, we’ll be covering the top SIX benefits of hiring plant machinery for construction work.

Large Selection

When it comes to selecting plant hire and machinery, there is a large selection for you to choose from, especially when you consider locally-based companies just like P&L Tool Solutions. With most plant hire and machinery companies, you’ll likely have up to six different options to choose from including; steer rollers, micro diggers, mini diggers, ride-on-dumpers, tracked mini dumpers, and more. You can therefore consult with your local plant hire company, inform them of your requirements, and select the most suitable type of hire for your up-and-coming construction work.


If you’re looking for increased flexibility with plant machinery, you would benefit more from considering hiring, as an alternative to outright purchasing the equipment. When you hire from a company, you can use it as and when you need machinery. Whether you require short-term or longer-term hire, you can hire as you see fit and you won’t be leaving any money on the table as a result. There’s no need to invest heavily in purchasing machinery outright as equipment will depreciate, especially when not used. Therefore, the resale value is likely to be going down by the day.


This particular benefit is closely related to flexibility, but the fact of the matter is, you’ll be benefiting from hiring as it will be much more cost-effective for your company. As previously referred to, you’ll only be spending money for hire when and if you need the equipment. When you purchase outright, you’ll also have to consider insurance costs, storage costs, and potential repair costs. None of this will have to be considered when you instead, decide to hire plant machinery.

High-Quality Equipment

It’s no secret that plant machinery can be incredibly expensive. Therefore, if you are buying outright, it’s likely that you may have to compromise on the quality to be able to afford the equipment you need. You avoid this problem when you hire plant machinery as equipment regularly undergoes repairs and servicing to ensure machinery is kept in the best possible condition for its next user. Plant hire companies build their own business off excellent reputations and therefore it’s in their interests to ensure high-quality equipment is available for construction firms.

No Storage Required

Another major benefit of hiring plant machinery is that no consideration is needed for storage. After you have used machinery, you can simply return to the plant hire company until you need it again. This is all part of the service and makes it even more enticing for construction companies. Storage can be an additional cost and an expensive one at that, but this is eliminated immediately. Plant machinery can be worth thousands of pounds and thefts often target this type of equipment.


When you decide to hire plant machinery, you have an of options to select from. There are likely to be at least 5-6 credible plant hire companies in your area and therefore, you are able to get a quotation from each and every company. Of course, keep quality and suitability in mind when seeking quotes. The point is, though, you are much less likely to get ripped off or overcharged.


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