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House Extension Advice: How To Make It A Success


House extension plans are always an exciting time for any homeowner. Although you may have lots of ideas running around your mind, you mustn’t underestimate the complexity of the job. House extensions require precise planning and patience. This guide will share some useful advice to help you reach extension success. We cover it all, from gaining help with extension drawings to researching planning permissions.

Have A Clear Understanding Of Planning Permissions

Will your extension be approved? This is an important question to ask before delving into your house extension plans. It is worth looking at other properties around your local area to see what planning permissions have been granted. It is important to note that planning permission is not required for an extension if you are within your development rights. However, you must check to be safe. 

You can learn more about planning permission by conducting some online research. Failure to comply with the rules will lead to an enforcement notice. You may have to knock down your extension, which will certainly not be nice to your bank account. Research is vital before getting carried away with your house extension plans. If you are struggling to wrap your head around planning permissions, enlist the help of a solicitor.

Enlist The Help Of A Builder

A house extension is a complex job. If you are not experienced in this area, it is best to leave it to the professionals. By enlisting the help of a builder, you can seek peace of mind that your extension is being carried out properly from start to finish. It will help you avoid costly mistakes further down the line. It is advised that you research a local builder to help you find the best value for money and one that you can trust.

It is recommended that you use a trusted source for extension drawings like Fast Plans. After accepting their proposal, they aim to take a complete measured survey within one week. You can expect to receive your first draft drawings within two weeks of the survey date (and that’s a guarantee). Enlisting the help of an industry expert can help eliminate the stress of planning your extension yourself. It’s a total win-win.

Start Sourcing Interior Décor Early

Once you know your house extension plans will become a reality, you can start thinking about the fun stuff – interior design. While the builders are hard at work creating your extension, you can begin to think about how you will decorate your new space. Sourcing interior décor early can help you save money and speed up completion.

If you shop the seasonal sales, you can access some incredible discounts. It is also recommended that you purchase second-hand items in your local charity shops and car boot sales. Here, you can find someone one of a kind hidden gems. You can find your nearest local car boot sales using social media. The more interior décor you can source during the early stages of the extension, the quicker you can decorate it and start using the space once it is complete.

Extending your property is a useful way to add space and transform it into your dream home. These tips should help you to get your project off to an amazing start.


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