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5 Projects to Consider After Rewiring Your Home to Save Time in the Long Run


Rewiring your house is a complicated project, but it is something that must be done to avoid an electrical fault and sustaining more damage to your home. As wiring ages, it can decrease in effectiveness and decay. That is why you will be asked to rewire your home after every twenty years or so. Some wiring is expected to last up to forty years, but check the deed to your house to find out whether your property is due for a rewire.

Rewiring a house is not a small job, and you will have to live elsewhere while the experts get to work for around two weeks. However, tearing through to get to your wires opens up your home to a variety of other home improvement projects you may have been putting off. Here are some of the projects you can get to work on once your home has been rewired.


The first thing to go when you have your home rewired is large chunks of your walls. This is obviously done so that the electricians can get through to your outdated wiring to replace it. While you can hire someone to cover up the holes with plaster, it will take a while to get those walls looking homely again. Any paint job or wallpapering that was there before will need redoing, but you do not have to just patch up the new plasterwork and call it a day.

While boring through your walls and refilling them may seem like a hassle, it may actually be a blessing in disguise. You may not get another chance like this to redecorate, and it all starts with a new paint job. With all your furniture moved out of the way, you have already accomplished one of the most difficult parts of repainting. Before your furniture comes back, get your paintbrush out to finally repaint your house the way you have always wanted.

New Floors

Not all wiring in your home comes through the walls. Some of it will reach your sockets by going underneath the floorboards. This means that the people doing your rewiring will have to pull up bits of your carpet and drill through the floorboards to finish the job.

Just like with a new paint job, you may also want to use this opportunity to put down some new flooring. You don’t have to break the bank doing so either, as everyone knows that rewiring an entire house isn’t cheap. There are plenty of cheap laminate floors to choose from at Floors Direct. You will need to find some new flooring that goes with your new paint job, after all.


The lighting in your home can be both practical and decorative. No one wants to sit in a dimly lit room after a day at work, after all. The right kind of lighting can drastically improve your mood, but you may not have had access to some of the modern lighting tools because of your outdated wiring.

Now that you have rewired your home, it may also be a good time to look at new lighting options for your home. This new lighting can be used to match your new decoration projects, but it must also be safe in your new home. You can also start to look at eco-friendly lighting options that you may not have had access to before.

Solar Panels

On the topic of eco-friendly objects for your home, you may also want to use your rewiring project as the necessary step needed to make the switch to solar panels. Modern solar panels can be fitted to your home to provide you with a renewable and cheaper form of energy to power your house. Some households even generate so much energy from their solar panels that they can sell it back to the grid for a profit.

Unfortunately, not every home is capable of being fitted with solar panels. This energy method requires wiring that is able to function outdoors and can withstand the amperage generated by the machinery to work effectively. Therefore, you can discuss this energy option before you get your home rewired.


With holes being knocked out of your walls left, right, and centre during a rewiring job, what is to say that you have to put these walls back as you found them? A rewiring project can reroute all the electric cables in your home.

This means that you can knock through entire walls to expand the room as and when you see fit. Rewiring your home is already one of the most difficult parts of a home expansion. Therefore, you can use a rewiring project to completely change the layout of your property.


Getting your home rewired may sound like an uncomfortable job. However, getting stuck into this project opens up your property to many other home improvement projects.


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