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Running a Tattoo Parlour – Top Improvement Tips for Your Tattoo Business


Running a tattoo parlour can be all-consuming, especially when competing with other businesses in your local area. Staying ahead of the competition and investing in improving your tattoo parlour is important. If you are not focusing on improving your business, then you will eventually lose custom. Taking decisive action and committing to improvement is essential.

Creating an Improvement Plan

Before investing any funds, you need to know where there is room for improvement. An improvement plan can lay out where there is scope for improvement within your business. For example, is the premises adhering to the latest electrical safety testing regulations? Are there enough fire/emergency exits within the premises? Does everyone understand the site evacuation plan? An improvement plan should cover physical elements and aspects of the premises that you wish to improve.

Adhering To Industry Standards and Guidelines

When looking at where to make improvements, you must ensure you adhere to industry standards and guidelines (especially if your premises is rented). You risk hefty fines if you do not adhere to standards and guidelines. You also risk putting the lives of those on the premises in danger, so understand where your obligations lie. For instance, if you want to make any alterations to a premises that you rent, you must give notice to your landlord under Section 3. Or if you are investing in updating fire safety within your building, ensure you follow the necessary fire regulations. If you find that you are unsure about where your obligations lie, then reach out to trained professionals or consultants who will be able to assist you.

Investing in New Equipment

New equipment can help elevate your business premises and help you reinforce a strong reputation – whether it is used within the business or by employees. New equipment and tools can yield better returns as well. For example, invest in equipment just as much as the building itself. Invest in a new kitchen and stockroom, but also remember to invest in new tattoo machines from Barber DTS. New tattooing equipment is lighter and often can be wireless too, which gives the tattoo artist much flexibility. When you are investing in new equipment, always make sure you are purchasing from reputable suppliers. You do not want to purchase any equipment that is going to break when in use or within a short period of time.

Look at Diversification

No matter how long you have been running a tattoo parlour for, there is always room for diversification. This may mean that you look at offering piercings (with a professionally trained piercer). Or it may mean that you offer other services such as nails and beauty. It may even mean selling a range of clothing, apparel, and accessories. Reach out to your clients for feedback and see what they would like to see on their next visit.

When establishing how much to invest, always look at the expected return on investment. Also, be mindful of having a contingency fund. This contingency will allow you to complete improvement works, even if a project ends up overrunning.


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