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Boom Barriers – Your Guide


Boom barriers are physical barriers that are used to control vehicular access to a specific area of property. They are also commonly referred to as boom gates and are commonly installed at car parks to control the inflow and outflow of traffic. They consist of horizontal metal or wood arms that are typically attached to a vertical post or support structure. Here, the boom can be raised or lowered to allow or restrict the passage of vehicles.

Types of boom barriers

When it comes to selecting the most suitable boom / traffic barrier, there are a number to select from. It’s always a wise decision to get in touch with a trusted supplier, just like Urban Barriers Direct, who can assist in selecting the most suitable barrier.

Barriers to consider may include:

• BARR 54 Traffic Barrier

• BRR 546 Traffic Barrier

• Further accessories and support

Where are boom barriers commonly used?

Boom barriers are used across the UK in various residential, industrial and commercial settings. They are most commonly found within car parking lots to regulate entry and exit points. You’ll also find boom barriers installed at tool boots, residential complexes, and industrial facilities. Moreover, boom barriers are utilised at public events such as concerts and festivals where there is a heavy footfall of traffic on a continuous basis with minimal downtime.


How do boom barriers enhance security?

Physical Barrier: Firstly, this type of barrier serves as a physical barrier that obstructs vehicles passing through unless they can enter the necessary and requested credentials. This makes it more or less impossible to breach security perimeters when in their vehicle(s). The sheer presence and resistance of these barriers prevents potential intruders from even attempting entry.

Integration with Access Control Systems: Did you know that barriers can be well-integrated with access control systems? This means that you have the ability to program the barrier(s) with relevant credentials which may include the likes of biometric scanners, keypads, and proximity cards.

Surveillance Integration: As well as the benefit of integrating with access control to enhance security, they can also be integrated with CCTV systems. This allows you to accurately monitor and record vehicle activity at entry and exit points. In the event of an attempted unauthorised entry, this evidence can be used with the local authorities.

What are the benefits of installing boom barriers?

Access Control: Boom barriers are regularly installed for the purpose of access control. Essentially, controlling entry and exit points. High-quality barriers allow authorised vehicles to pass while also preventing unauthorised vehicles from entering restricted areas.

Traffic Management: Boom barriers are commonly installed, as mentioned above in the blog article, in busy areas with a heavy footfall. For example, football stadium car parking would require these types of barriers for traffic management. Furthermore, they help to reduce condensation and enhance safety which leads us on to our next benefit.

Safety: Another key benefit of these types of barriers is that they help to prevent accidents and collisions. They do this by restricting vehicle access to particular areas, especially in locations with high traffic.

Security Enhancement: Acting as a physical barrier, boom barriers are proven to enhance overall security measures and purposes at a multitude of facilities. This may be particularly important at specific locations where security takes the forefront or priority. For example, military bases and government installations.

What are the safety features of boom barriers to prevent accidents?

Safety Sensors: Many advanced and modern-day boom barriers are equipped with safety sensors to maximise the safety of the barriers when they are in use. Safety sensors serve the purpose of efficiently detecting the presence of vehicles or obstructions in the path of the barriers. Sensors have the ability to immediately stop the barriers from closing and detect early collisions too.

Anti-Collision Mechanisms: In the event of a minor collision with the barrier and / or a vehicle, they have the capacity to significantly minimise any damage sustained. This is often as a result of the high-quality flexible boom arms that are essential for preventing or significantly reducing the possibility or injury to drivers or passengers.

Emergency Stop Button: Another credible safety feature within boom barriers is the emergency stop button. The purpose of this safety feature is to immediately halt the movement of the barriers in case of emergencies or safety hazards.


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