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What is anti climb security fencing?

Anti climb security fencing, as the name suggests, is a type of security fencing that is designed to deter intruders from climbing or gaining unauthorised access to your secured area. This type of fencing differs from traditional fencing in a number of ways with one of the most prominent differences being that it offers minimal resistance to climbing attempts from potential intruders.

This type of fencing is specifically manufactured to make it extremely difficult for intruders to climb over or breach the fence. Anti climb security fencing is commonly found installed at the likes of distribution centres, warehouses, and many other establishments.

Features & Design Elements

There are various features and design elements that make anti-climbing security fencing a viable option for a number of commercial and industrial premises. In particular, the height and spacing of the fencing is centralised is a specific feature that’s honed in on in order to maximise security around your secured area. It’s designed so that it’s extremely difficult for intruders to gain footholds or handholds to assist them in breaking an entry.

Further key features and design elements include:

Anti-Cut Design: Anti climb security fencing also often consists of an anti-cut design. Therefore, this type of fencing is incredibly resistant to cutting tools that include saws or bolt cutters. As a result of the excellent anti-cut design, this makes it more or less impossible for intruders to breach entry.

Topping Options: Some anti-climb fences are equipped with topping options such as rotating spikes, concertina wire, or razor wire to deter climbing attempts and discourage intruders from attempting to breach the fence.

Visibility and Aesthetics: Although the priority of anti-climb security fencing is of course the security, that doesn’t mean that they have to look unsightly. In fact it’s quite the opposite. Security fencing also considers aesthetics in line with your architecture and the surrounding environment.

Applications where security fencing is essential

There are a number of sectors and types of premises where anti-climbing security fencing is essential and required. Although there are over a dozens applications where security fencing would be viable, here are the four most common:

Commercial and Industrial Properties: Anti climb security fencing is commonly installed for security purposes at the likes of construction sites, distribution centres, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. Security fencing is essential here to provide additional protection for valuable assets and equipment.

Critical Infrastructure Protection: Security fencing is essential for protecting critical infrastructure such as power plants, water treatment facilities, telecommunications sites, transportation hubs, and energy distribution centres. These facilities are vital for the functioning of society, and securing their perimeters is essential to prevent sabotage, terrorism, theft, and vandalism.

Public Facilities: Security fencing is also highly beneficial for public facilities. For example, fencing is viable for hospitals, schools, private buildings, and other types of recreational areas. For public facilities, security fencing is essential to protect intruders from attempting break-in to sensitive areas.

Government and Military Installations: To protect against terrorism and security threats, security fencing is essential to enhance security at government and military installations. Here, fencing helps to establish secure perimeters and prevents unauthorised entry into restricted areas.

Key benefits of anti climb security fencing

Enhanced Security

It’s no surprise that one of the top benefits of anti-climbing is enhanced security! This type of fencing is proven to enhance overall security levels around the perimeter of your secured area by creating a formidable physical barrier. Essentially, it acts as the first line of defence to prevent unauthorised access.

Deterrence Factor

As well as making it extremely difficult for intruders to enter your premises / secure area, it’s also highly effective for deterring them from even attempting in the first place. This is largely down to the visuals and the psychological deterrent.

Protection of Assets and Individuals

Another key benefit of anti-climb security fencing is the fact that it provides much-needed protection of assets and individuals. Whether that’s protecting machinery at an industrial unit or militants at a military base, security fencing is paramount.


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